Sram RED AXS 2024 ROAD test review pros defects problems everything you need to know (really)

The SRAM RED AXS 2024 groupset represents the last frontier of electronic shifting for road bikes, boasting exceptional performance, refined ergonomics and a revolutionary design.
Here are my detailed impressions:
Gear levers: Completely redesigned, they offer a more ergonomic grip and superior comfort even during long rides. The gear shift button is intuitive and easily accessible.
Hydraulic disc brakes: They guarantee modulable and precise braking power in all weather conditions, instilling safety and control in every phase of driving, for the same amount of effort on the lever they actually brake more.
Electronic gearbox: Smooth and precise, with quick and silent gear changes even under load. The shifting speed is high, allowing you to tackle any climb or descent with maximum efficiency.
12-speed XDR cassette: Offers a wide range of gears that adapt perfectly to any type of route, ensuring maximum versatility.
Carbon crankset: Stiff and light, it transmits power efficiently, ensuring a smooth and responsive pedaling.
Electronic system: Reliable and precise, with a long-lasting battery that ensures hours of use without interruptions. Wireless technology ensures a stable, interference-free connection.
SRAM AXS App: Allows you to customize gear settings, monitor battery and system status, and receive firmware updates.
Shifters and derailleurs:
Rear derailleur: More compact and lighter than the previous model, it guarantees faster and more precise changes. His fluidity of movement is truly remarkable.
Derailleur: Made of high quality materials, they ensure high wear resistance and flawless shifts even under stressful conditions.
Exceptional performance: The new RED AXS represents the top of the range in terms of performance, offering smooth, precise and rapid shifts in every situation.
Refined ergonomics: The gear levers and the shape of the brakes guarantee excellent comfort and control, even during long rides.
Electronics: The electronic system is stable, precise and offers several useful features via the SRAM AXS app.
High price: The new RED AXS is a high-end gear unit, with a correspondingly high cost.
Weight: Compared to other gear groups on the market, the RED AXS is slightly heavier.
Compatibility: The RED AXS groupset is only compatible with specific frames and components.
Complex maintenance: If everything works there are no problems, otherwise the unit is complex and difficult to repair, almost impossible for a normal cycle mechanic.
Problems encountered:
At the moment there are no problems, we will update the page if there are reports in this regard.