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New LOOK KEO BLADE 2024 pedals test test review how the new Look pedals really perform


The launch of the new Look Keo Blade 2024 pedals allowed us to analyze and deepen our knowledge with a long test, both on racing and gravel bikes, allowing us to better analyze the quality of the product, its performance and its reliability.

First of all we can assure that the real weight of the new Look pedals is that declared by the company, but in reality all Look pedals have a real weight equal to the declared one, net of the usual tolerances.

The general quality is excellent, the weight/price ratio equally competitive.

It should be noted that the "basic" version already has everything needed to be an excellent pedal and with a completely competitive price.

The choice of various pedal attachment options is excellent.

For amateur use we recommend the less strong one, so that you can quickly release the pedal.

In addition to the weight, the steel or titanium pedal axis changes between the three models, but the functionality is the same.

The real difference is in the ceramic bearings, which ensure greater smoothness of the pedals.

The new attachment and release system, evolved compared to the past, allows you to attach the shoe and remove it more easily and quickly.

This last aspect is very important for the amateur who pedals on roads open to traffic.

The greater support surface of the pedal is appreciated with less technical or non-high-end shoes, with a less rigid sole.

In these cases the difference is clearly noticeable to the advantage of the new Look Keo Blade 2024.

It's difficult to feel the improved aerodynamics, but the improvement is important for those who use the pedals in races against the clock.

Even using the pedals with gravel bikes and easy off-road riding, we had no problems with reliability or functionality.

The washing they have been subjected to has not compromised the smoothness and fluidity of operation in the slightest.

In over thirty consecutive days of testing, washing, on-road and off-road use, there have never been any problems.

They are easy to clean.

Overall we believe that they are an excellent evolution of the previous model, which was already excellent.

It is certainly not very worthwhile, at an amateur level, to change the old Looks for new ones, but even for those involved in time trial races the difference could be significant, just as between an old Look Blade, a little worn, and the new one. Keo Blade 2024 look.

Even for a new purchase it is preferable to buy the latest one, unless there is a strong discount on the old one and you are not interested in top performance.

A valid product, further confirmation of the validity of Look pedals.

Here is the technical data sheet and prices: New LOOK KEO BLADE 2024 pedals three versions for the best Look pedals ever (price weight versions)