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Canyon Torque ON 2024 test review Build quality

The Canyon Torque ON 2024 has a good value for money and a good build quality.

It has a lower price than other competitors, compared to which it is made just as well.

The good availability of assemblies should be noted.

The overall build quality is therefore good.

The availability of sizes is also in line with the competitors.

Only the color range is limited, furthermore the purchase is only online and given the complexity of the ebike you must first make sure you have a cycle workshop that wants to do maintenance on this ebike, otherwise they are serious problems ...

Canyon Torque ON 2024 test review Frame

The new frame has great build quality.

There are no notes to make, the availability of sizes is also good.

A frame designed for downhill, with modern geometries, perhaps not very versatile, but excellent for those who love steeper and more difficult descents.

The Canyon Torque:ON CF9 2024 version has a weight of 24.6 kg and a price of around 7499 euros.

The value for money is valid, the 900wh battery is excellent.

Canyon Torque ON 2024 test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is complete, even if it could have been wider.

However, there are prices for everyone starting from around 6 thousand euros which for the type of ebike is an excellent price.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is high and in line with the purchase price.

In general, for the same price, the overall quality is superior to its competitors.

The more expensive version, the Canyon Torque ON CF9 2024, has a very good build, nothing to report.

Canyon Torque ON 2024 test review Comfort

Excellent and it could not be otherwise given the large suspension travel.

Impossible to do better.

Canyon Torque ON 2024 test review Guide

The Canyon Torque ON 2024 is an e-mtb intended for descent, but despite everything it is always a safe, easy to handle and fast e-bike.

At medium-high speeds it is very easy to drive, while it becomes more difficult and requires experience at high speeds.

Very easy to handle, it enters corners quickly, changes direction easily, a very fast ebike on technical and narrow descents.

Easy and safe, but heavy, on the flat, it becomes slightly more difficult to drive uphill, where the weight and the large suspension travel are felt in a negative way.

If the route is not very technical, the ebike runs fast and safe, while on technical climbs with a high degree of difficulty it is less comfortable due to the high suspension travel.

Overall, however, it remains pleasant to drive.

It is clearly a downhill ebike, the engine is used to go up without having a ski lift or a van that takes you to the top of the summit.

For this it is useless to expect performance on the flat or uphill.

It's a downhill bike, with excellent suspension and brakes.

It's not cheap but it's a very good emtb and overall excellent for descending.

Canyon Torque ON 2024 test review Performance

The Shimano EP8 Race engine and its 900wh battery ensure excellent power, performance and a long range, which exceeds 100 km with a minimum of electric motor management.

However, even using everything to the maximum and without saving, the battery ensures no less than 60km of autonomy.

Excellent overall performance on each route.

Fast on the plains with hard and compact surfaces.

On fast tracks it holds a good pace despite its weight and long suspension.

The competitive engine, the excellent chassis and the geometries lead to valid overall performance on any type of route, even if it is at its best only downhill, but it also manages to defend itself well on the plains and uphill.

An emtb with excellent performance, perhaps not easy to exploit.

The Canyon Torque On is not an easy and intuitive emtb like other ebikes, but it offers very high performance, especially downhill, as it should be for an ebike born for downhill.

Canyon Torque ON 2024 test review Pros and cons

The Canyon Torque ON 2024 is a great pure downhill e-mtb.

A point frame, reliable, with excellent performance, not easy to drive, especially uphill, but excellent overall.

It has an excellent value for money.

Its flaw is that it is only sold online and not everyone likes this sales formula, moreover it is a complex ebike, with maintenance that must be performed by expert personnel.

An ebike devoted to descent where it has very few rivals.

Excellent engine performance and autonomy ensured by the 900wh battery. 

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