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Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 road test review Build quality

The Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 racing bicycle is not cheap, but it is very well made, for 2024 we do not think there will be any technical innovations since it is now on the market.

Everything has been designed with aerodynamics in mind, but in this "Pro" version the carbon fiber is also enriched with the special Countervail (CV) resin, which absorbs vibrations.

The weight of the complete Shimano Dura Ace di2 assembled bike is 7.3kg, not very low, compared to a list price of around 10800 Euros.

The frame is still well done and the bike well assembled, in line with its list price.

Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 road test review Frame

The frame of the Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 has been completely revised, compared to the previous Oltre XR, more rigid and aerodynamic.

Good availability of sizes and also of colors, even if statistically everyone wants the light blue Bianchi ...

The frame kit is also available, while in fact it is impossible to customize the already assembled bicycle and for this model it is not even possible to customize the color.

However, marginal defects, given that it is aligned with the competitors who often do worse.

Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 road test review Assemblies

The Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 version is assembled with the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 group, but there are other cheaper configurations; the entry-level version is assembled with the new mechanical Shimano 105 group, Bianchi Oltre Race 105, but ultimately it is a very different racing bike.

Overall, the range is wide, but the entry level version exceeds 3 thousand Euros, the most "beautiful" bikes 10 thousand, perhaps a little too much ...

Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 road test review Comfort

The Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 racing bike has good ride comfort, it's not an endurance bike, but among aero bikes it's perhaps the best.

The CV resin does its job, even if it remains a stiff racing bike and certainly not with ride comfort comparable to an endurance bike.

An excellent result considering the type of bicycle.

All aero bikes are uncomfortable and this Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 makes no difference, even if it ranks at the top of the category.

Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 road test review Guide

The Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 racing bike is a rigid, fast, precise bicycle, a real "blade" on two wheels.

A very competitive and fast aero bike, not light or very easy to ride.

It performs best at high speeds, where its aerodynamics are able to offer a significant advantage over a traditional racing bike.

If you are powerful, it is a perfect bike, because it manages to transmit all possible power to the rear wheel, even uphill, where, despite its weight, it still goes very well.

But the Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 manages to give its best on the plains, at a constant pace and at speeds over 40 km/h, making it a truly competitive and fast racing bike.

The brakes are more than excellent, nothing to add.

The sensitivity to lateral wind is not high.

Good handling, excellent cornering speed, good stability at high speeds.

Just hard to control on ruined asphalt.

A racing bike that requires determination and few distractions in riding, but which pays off with excellent overall performance.

Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 test review Performance

The performance of the Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 is overall excellent and very competitive on the flat, where it keeps pace with the more expensive aero bikes.

Even in the undulating courses the performance is very good and it only gives up on the hardest climbs where weight is a limit for any aero bike.

Although it is not the top-of-the-range version, however, the overall performance is very competitive even against much more expensive aero racing bikes.

A rigid and aerodynamic frame, with very high performance and undoubtedly competitive on the flat.

A perfect racing bike for flat races.

Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 road test review Pros and cons

The Bianchi Oltre Pro 2024 proves to be an excellent aero bike, not light, not cheap, but with top performance on the plains and at high speeds.

For its category it also has excellent ride comfort and in any case valid performance uphill.

It doesn't weigh little, but it doesn't have an exaggerated weight anyway.

Good build quality.

As always, there is almost no versatility, it's not a bike for strolling or climbing steep hills, but it's one of the best for racing on the flat.

Prices are not cheap, but Bianchi racing bikes always have excellent evaluations on the used market.

However, it remains a "niche" bike for connoisseurs and estimators of the brand and aero bikes.

Otherwise it's a disappointment: heavy and uncomfortable.

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