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Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 test review Frame

The Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 has a truly unique frame, not light, but very aerodynamic, in this version, unfortunately the weight increases even more.

Very well made, with a wide range of colors and sizes.

Everything is well done, but in the end the bike is not light at all, and this version weighs a good 8 kg, for a not very cheap price, around 8 thousand euros.

Among aero bikes there are those who do worse, but that cannot be an excuse.

As in other cases, then, you need to choose the size carefully, it's easy to make a mistake and the possibilities for customizing the riding position are always limited on these bikes.

Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 test review Assemblies

The assembly range consists of two groupsets, Shimano Ultegra Di2 and Shimano 105 di2.

In fact the bike is already heavy on its own, with a 105 it becomes even more so, but the price/quality ratio of the 105 version is far better than the Ultegra version.

To save 500 grams of weight it is not worth buying the Ultegra Di2 version...

Despite this, the price still remains high.

Clearly expensive bicycle, little else to add, but of excellent quality, this must be recognized.

Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 test review Comfort

Talking about ride comfort on an aero bike is always relative.

Also in this case some steps forward have been made compared to the previous Madone SLR, the different carbon makes the bicycle more comfortable, but nothing particularly striking.

If you are looking for a comfortable racing bike, this is not for you.

If you always ride on ruined asphalt, this is not for you.

If you don't have a well-trained back to withstand certain stresses, this is not for you.

As in other competing models, we can say that there has been an improvement and that for a well-trained competitor the bike is comfortable, better than the Madone SLR.

Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 test review Guide

The Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 is a bike that offers a lot of crosswind surface, not easy to ride and control in crosswind.

Even in the presence of a ruined road surface, controlling the bike is not intuitive, because the rigid frame absorbs bumps little and requires decision and experience to maintain the correct trajectory, but in these conditions it should be noted that the SL behaves slightly better than the SLR .

Maybe because it weighs more, due to the different carbon, but it is easier to control on ruined asphalt.

It is a bike that always requires attention when riding, but requires much less effort than the SLR.

On guided routes, as well as downhill, given the ability, the performance is absolutely excellent.

Quick when cornering, stable when braking, it ensures outstanding driving performance.

Great racing bike, tiring and stressful, but it pays off with a very "racing" and competitive ride.

It should be understood, however, that in addition to riding skills, excellent training is also needed, otherwise you will quickly get tired and not exploit its potential, an aspect common to all Trek Madones.

Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 test review Performance

The high weight is the real limit of the Trek Madone SL, a true aero bike that is only really good on flat and downhill terrain.

The frame is very stiff, the aerodynamics excellent, without a doubt a competitive aero bike.

On the flat and at a constant pace the performance is excellent and it is also difficult to appreciate big differences with the much more expensive SLR.

On hills it remains a competitive bike, but some competitors do better, and the greater weight emerges compared to the SLR.

This is evident on climbs, where the SLR struggles to defend itself, but this SL, which is almost 800 grams heavier, quickly gives up on steeper slopes.

It's clearly not an uphill bike.

It's clearly a frame for powerful athletes and flat trails.

Downhill, it's fine, as long as you have good driving skills.

For an aero bike it is competitive, excellent in its price range.

Its performances are undoubtedly excellent and competitive, but it is not superior to its opponents.

This is his flaw.

Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 test review Pros and cons

The Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 proved to be a very high performance aero race bike, there was no doubt about it.

A very competitive bicycle on the flat, but not comfortable and easy to ride, it has reduced versatility.

More comfortable than the SLR, it goes equally well on flat terrain and downhill, where it is very difficult to appreciate real differences with the much more expensive SLR.

On hills and climbs, however, the new Trek Madone SL7 Gen7 2023 2024 makes you understand all its weight and that they are not street congenial to her.

The prices are high, as is the weight, but ultimately it is cheaper than the SLR, more comfortable, just as fast on the flat.

It loses on climbs, but these are not multi-purpose bikes that can even be used on climbs.

It remains a very valid bike, but expensive and with performances that do not stand out from the best competitors, as well as having zero versatility: it is good on the flat and downhill, that's it.

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