Scott Axis Eride Evo Tour test review opinion, all you need to know about Scott Axis Eride Evo Tour 2022

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The new E-Bike Scott Axis Eride Evo Tour 2022 has an excellent quality / price ratio and a good general build quality.

The Bosch engine is excellent and ensures more than competitive performance.

Valid ride comfort, braking and fork work.

Perfect for use in the city, it is also fun outside the city. Valid on asphalt, it continues to have fun even off-road, at least where the surface is compact. It is not a mtb, but you can still have fun on white roads and easy paths. Excellent e-bike, very versatile.

Defects? The autonomy, from a touring point of view, could be higher; furthermore, there could also have been better assemblages than the one proposed; absolutely the price is not cheap, but as mentioned proportional to the quality of the e-bike.