All Scott Patron Eride test review opinion, all you need to know about Scott Patron Eride 2022

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The Scott Patron Eride 2022 is not a cheap e-bike, but undoubtedly it is well made, quite complex in maintenance, but personal and of excellent overall quality.

The autonomy is also valid, while there can be no surprises from the Bosch engine.

With a 160mm fork travel it is a downhill e-bike, but still allows you to be competitive in the pedaled sections and effective uphill.

It is not an e-bike suitable only for the descent, even if it is in the descent where it expresses itself at its best. The new frame and the new geometries have led to an e-bike that is very easy to ride, intuitive, easy to handle, but easily controllable at high speeds.

Its downhill behavior is perfect, it is also able to entertain uphill, where the work of the new rear suspension is greatly appreciated.

An e-bike without particular defects and limits.

The main flaw, in conclusion, is the price and the management and maintenance costs.

Too bad that there is no version with an aluminum frame, it would have allowed us to have a cheaper and more reliable e-bike.