fit racing bike tips - Discover the right fit of a SPECIALIZED TARMAC SL6 for a cyclist with a height of 185 cm.

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If, on the other hand, you want advice on the right frame size for you (bdc or mtb), send all your data and the model you would like to buy to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bike model


Crotch height

Arms length

Racing or amateur position

Current bike and size

Any problems with the current bike and size


Hi Luca, I would gladly receive indications of the right size of the new bike I would like to buy.


Height: 185 CM

Crotch height: 87 CM

Arms length: 64 CM

Racing or amateur position: -

Current bike: -

The right size for the Specialized Tarmac SL6 bike is 56.

This allows you to replicate the current position it has on the current Pinarello bike.

The size suggested by the retailer is not wrong, sporty, right for an agonist.

But if he is comfortable with his current bike, he may find the 58 too big, with a too fatiguing position over long distances.

On the other hand, using a 58 frame and then putting a short stem to replicate a 56 frame is a mistake. Better to have a 56 frame and, at the limit, put a long attack; an 11cm and not 10 as per Specialized assembly is fine.

Otherwise he has to take a 58, but with a 10cm attack, but it doesn't seem like a convenient solution. This considering that his Pinarello has a standard assembly.

In these cases it would always be better to investigate because the retailer recommends a different size: 1 because he has that size available and he has to sell it 2 because he has his own idea of ​​positioning on a bike 3 because he understands that the cyclist is badly positioned on his current bike. Regarding possibility 1, I point out that the cases are now various, it is not said that he has the frame in the shop, but he has planned to buy one, or has a greater discount on that size, etc. etc.

I would simply take the centimeter and tell him: I want a bike like my current Pinarello, stop. Obviously without putting a 9 attachment on a 58 frame ... In the end, if you are not a pro, the important thing is to pedal well, not have pain and have fun. Even if at the end of the career, the Specialized Tarmac SL6 is still a great bike.