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Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 road test review Build quality

Like all FACTOR bikes, the build quality is high, well made frame, careful assembly.

Good range of assemblies and good range of sizes.

Rational racing bike, perhaps too anonymous, even in the graphics, but everything depends on performance.

Among the defects the limited sales and assistance network.

Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 road test review Frame

The frame of the Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 has been further refined, stiffer, lighter.

Good range of sizes.

Likewise the choice of assemblies.

Overall nothing has been left to chance and everything is well done.

The weight is excellent, the top-of-the-range version drops to 6.2Kg, which rises to 6.9kg in the version with Sram Force eTap AXS.

The value for money is not very favorable, but in line with the competitors, around 11,500 euros for the trial version.

Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 road test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is complete. There is not a wide range of colors, the only downside. The quality is always great, but the prices are high.

Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 road test review Comfort

The ride comfort of the Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 is not the best, it is not an uncomfortable racing bike, but it cannot be defined as comfortable.

It's not the most uncomfortable racing bike around, let's say it's in line with other racing bikes of similar weight and cost.

Negatively affects the integrated seat post.

A true racing bike that concedes little or nothing to ride comfort.

Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 road Test Review Guide

A real racing bike, very reactive, easy to handle, quick to enter corners and changes direction.

It is not affected much by side winds, but at high speeds it must be driven with a certain determination, otherwise it is not very precise and unstable.

In the same way, decision and a firm handlebar are required when passing over stretches of damaged asphalt.

Even downhill you need experience and decision because the steering is sensitive to every solicitation.

With a little experience you can make the most of the full potential of this frame, but it's not an easy racing bike to ride at high speeds.

Uphill behavior is excellent, but attention must be paid when braking because the reactive chassis can react nervously to deceleration.

It's a very high performance racing bike, but it also requires riding experience and commitment.

At a tourist pace it is easy to drive, but not very pleasant because it is not very comfortable.

Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 road review review Performance

The Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 has performances at the absolute top among racing bikes, a very light racing bike, even with a non-top assembly.

Uphill it is one of the absolute best bikes one can have.

Light, fast, with superior performance to all other competitors.

Performance on the plains and hills is also good and competitive.

It gives its best uphill where it has no real rivals.

It defends itself well in the hills, while it suffers on long flat stretches, where other more rigid and aerodynamic frames do better.

It is very fast downhill, but requires significant driving skills and great experience.

Overall an absolute top performance racing bike, but not easy to ride.

Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 road test review Pros and cons

The Factor O2 VAM 2023 2024 has proven to be a top-of-the-market racing bike, with performance often superior to its best rivals.

Excellent uphill bike, also good on the flat, downhill and hills.

However, it requires a certain driving experience to obtain top performance and has limited ride comfort due to the integrated seat post.

It is not cheap and has a limited sales network.

In the end it's a more than excellent racing bike and sometimes the best ever, but it's not a bike for everyone, due to the price and the commitment it requires in riding.

For performance it is at the absolute top of the market.

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