Cube Reaction Pro 2024, all you need to know before buying a new bike Cube Reaction Pro 2024 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!



Cube Reaction Pro 2024 off Road test review Build quality

The Cube Reaction Pro is a well-made, rational, simple racing bike with an excellent value for money.

The range of assemblies is good, while the color range is limited, it is not possible to customize the bike and the range of sizes is also limited.

However, everything is considered in the list price, very convenient, but the proposed geometry is not always suitable for the cyclist.

A mountain bike with an average price, but which in terms of build quality and value for money can be compared to a higher range bike.




Cube Reaction Pro 2024 off Road Test Review Frame

The frame of the Cube Reaction Pro is a specific project for this range of mtb, very well done.

Too bad that the range of sizes is limited and it is often not easy to find the correct position on the saddle.

In this version the weight is 12.7 kg, in line with the components and the type of frame.

A still competitive weight for an aluminum frame, but also with other carbon fiber competitors.



Cube Reaction Pro 2024 off Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete, always with an excellent value for money.

There is no wide range of colors or sizes, but everything must be seen in relation to the list price.

In theory, a true top-of-the-range version is missing, but at this point it is cheaper to buy the version with a carbon fiber frame.

The components chosen are valid, but extensive use is made of Cube components, however valid.

Overall, at this price, it's almost impossible to find better.




Cube Reaction Pro 2024 off Road test Comfort review

It is the aspect where this frame loses the most compared to the more expensive carbon fiber frames.

Hardly stiff, it is not the top for comfort, but among the aluminum frames it has no particular rivals.

The only aspect where you need to make some sacrifices, certainly with a carbon seatpost the situation would improve a lot.



Cube Reaction Pro 2024 off Road Test Review Guide

The Cube Reaction Pro 2024 is a perfect mtb bike for the beginner, but also for the experienced biker.

Stable, easy to drive, very intuitive and predictable.

In the pedaled sections it is very easy to drive, very safe, nothing to report.

Uphill, it remains an intuitive bike, valid if the path is technically easy.

The stiff frame remains responsive, but sometimes, on steeper climbs, you would want a slightly more stable front.

The fork works well, just stiff and not at the top for smoothness, but in line with the price of the mtb.

Good braking.

Downhill you just need to be more careful, the rigid frame sometimes responds very quickly to stresses, you need a certain experience and ability to drive at high speeds on technical routes.

On the other hand, the Cube Reaction Pro is very easy to drive at medium speeds.

In general it is an intuitive and easy to ride bike, but like all aluminum frames it is also very reactive, those who go fast can take advantage of this feature to have greater speed, those who are not so experienced may find themselves in difficulty, in this case just just reduce the speed and the mtb becomes very easy and safe again.





Cube Reaction Pro 2024 off Road test review Performance

Aluminum frames are always underestimated for their performance, in part due to an assembly that is never really at the top.

Also in this case, in the face of a high rigidity and reactivity of the frame, one encounters a weight that is not very contained in absolute terms.

At the same weight, but also against slightly lighter mountain bikes, there is no comparison, this frame offers absolutely competitive performance.

However, the rigidity of the frame is excellent, which in absolute terms is not afraid of comparisons even with carbon fiber frames.

In the plains the performances are excellent in absolute terms.

Uphill the weight of the frame is discounted a little, while on the descent the limit of a fork not at the top of the market emerges.

All this obviously in comparison to bikes with a much higher cost.

The comparison with similar cost mtb, on the other hand, ends with a decided advantage.

At the same price it is very difficult to find a mtb that goes faster.

An excellent result.



Cube Reaction Pro 2024 off Road test review Pros and cons

The Cube Reaction Pro 2024 proved to be a very valid mtb bike with an excellent value for money.

Compared to many direct competitors, it has better build quality and often better performance.

In absolute terms it defends itself very well, the only drawback is the slightly high weight that makes itself felt uphill.

The aluminum frame is very valid in absolute terms, it would be nice to see it assembled at the top.

The defects? limited sales network, few sizes available and little choice of colors for the frame, but otherwise the Cube Reaction Pro mtb is really very good and excellent for its price.


NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested