New 750d bicycle wheels change everything a revolution but throw away your old bike


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In the USA Moots presented a new gravel bike with 750D rims and dedicated WTB tyres.

A new standard of bicycle rims that adds to the already known ones: 650B or 27.5er, 700c or 28 inch, 29er.

A 700t rim is slightly larger than a 29er rim, while the overall circumference of the rim and tire system is very similar.

In fact, the 29er rims, combined with large section tyres, lead to a high metric development.

A 28-inch rim with a gravel or road tire is smaller than a 29er.

A 750d rim with a dedicated gravel tire allows you to have a wheel slightly larger than a 29er with a narrower tyre.

The advantage would be greater ride comfort, greater driving precision, greater ease of driving.

On the other hand, the new 750d rim standard requires a special frame.

In short, nothing new, a new standard that everyone will sooner or later conform to, making it the new "must" for 2024 2025 gravel bikes.

In the future we believe it will become a reference standard for gravel and endurance bikes.

It is said that there are also other developments.

Gravel racing bikes with 28-inch tires will disappear ...