New Bianchi Specialissima RC 2024 rumors, is a new Bianchi Specialissima 2024 road bike on the way? We see!



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BIANCHI may introduce several new bikes in 2024.

After the arrival of the new Bianchi Oltre RC 2023, one or two new racing bikes could arrive.

There are two possibilities: a new Bianchi Infinito RC 2024, or a new Bianchi Specialissima RC 2024.

Both of these racing bikes have been unchanged for some time, so the chances that Bianchi will renew them are very high, perhaps more for the Bianchi Infinito than for the Specialissima.

Here we see how the Bianchi Specialissima could evolve, which, in our opinion, would become Bianchi Specialissima RC 2024 (RC: Reparto Corse).

We are thinking not of an upheaval of the frame, but of its refined evolution.

No "aerodynamic fins", but instead a "slimming cure" for the frame that could drop in weight up to 730 grams.

Frame weight around 700-750 grams is the new target for high-end racing bikes.

We don't think Bianchi wants to fall behind in such an important market segment for you.

Along with the new frame, lighter but just as stiff, would come a whole series of detailed but no less important changes.

A new fully integrated cable routing, maybe a new bottom bracket, a new seat clamp.

The passage of the tires could also be revised, to allow the assembly of tires up to 32mm wide, a new "must have" on the market.

The new Bianchi Specialissima RC 2024 could still have a weight of around 6.6kg, in its lightest version.

The price would undergo the usual slight increase, between 500 and 1000 euros depending on the version.

If the hypothesis of a new passage for large tires were true, one could also expect a similar "Specialissima Gravel RC 2024" version.

To complete the Bianchi Specialissima RC 2024 range, an electric version could also arrive, with a very light motor, integrated in the bottom bracket, for a pedal-assisted racing bike weighing less than 11 kg.

We will see in the course of 2023 and 2024, how correct our forecasts are.

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