YAMAHA eBike engine shuts down on uphill how to fix


YAMAHA PW-X3 e-Bike motors are reliable and of high quality, but, like any other mechanical component, they can present some problems.

They point out the problem that the engine goes uphill for a few seconds, then restarts and then goes off again.

The problem can be caused by many factors.

First, the control unit must be analyzed and updated.

Then the correct functioning of the torque sensor must be checked.

Then you need to check all the wiring.

The battery should also be checked.

If the problem persists, the whole engine must be disassembled and overhauled.

There are no other solutions.

Under normal conditions the Yamaha engine does not give any problems.



If you want to report a problem with the YAMAHA ebike engine, write to: salvatelliluca @ hotmail.com