New Yamaha WP S2 2023 eBike motor performance data sheet everything you need to know


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YAMAHA, presented the new range of eBike motors WP S2 2023.

The new Yamaha eBike engine also joins the new B instrumentation.

More compact, lighter, more reliable, these are the main features of the new Yamaha 2023 ebike engine.
The new PWseries S2, built on the strengths of the PWseries ST, elevates the driving experience to another level, making this multipurpose unit ideal for everything from commuting to everyday use in general, to hiking in the countryside, to weekend trips and mountain bike rides.

Higher power / weight ratio

With a maximum torque of 75 Nm, the new and compact PWseries S2 motor unit is more than 7% more powerful than the PWseries ST and its weight has been reduced to just 2.85 kg, which is 16% less than the design previous, making it one of the lightest in its class. This very interesting combination of increased power with low mass and a 20% reduction in volume gives the new PWseries S2 a power-to-weight ratio among the highest in the segment of high volume multipurpose engines, delivering powerful, immediate performance and easy use.

More freedom in frame design

The smaller size of the new unit gives e-Bike manufacturers even greater freedom in producing next-generation frames with features, such as increased ground clearance, to improve performance on technical terrain.

The PWseries S2's 20% more compact layout also allows eBike manufacturers to develop improved frame designs with shorter chain stays that can potentially increase overall stiffness for better handling and greater rear wheel traction.

From an aesthetic point of view, the small size of the PWseries S2 motor unit also offers Yamaha's partner bicycle manufacturers the opportunity to achieve a clean, minimalist look in the design of the new generation of Sport and Trail models.

Improved efficiency and pedaling feel

The new PWseries S2 features a 22.8mm shorter bottom bracket than the PWseries ST, which ensures greater efficiency and a better pedaling feel which, together with the automatic support mode, ensures an extremely easy riding experience. It is funny.

The new ISIS interface with the lower bracket axle of the PWseries S2 offers increased stiffness, making this new mid-range drive unit ideal for the needs of e-MTB riders. Furthermore, being fully compatible with the double front chain, the new compact drive unit offers more possibilities for bicycle manufacturers.

Key features of the PWseries S2

New model for 2023
Lighter, smaller and more powerful than the best-selling PWseries ST
Industry-leading specifications
Universal applications for the Sport and Trail sectors
Smooth and natural acceleration
Maximum torque greater than 75 Nm *
Very competitive weight of 2.85 kg - 0.5 kg (16%) less than the PWseries ST
Higher power / weight ratio *
New ISIS interface with lower bracket axle
Bottom bracket shorter than 22.8 mm: comfortable and functional pedal set
Yamaha zero cadence technology for immediate assistance
Automatic support mode for an easy and intuitive use of the e-Bike
Reliable maintenance-free design
* PWseries S2 and PWseries ST compared

New display B: smart, easy and simple to use

Complementing the new PWseries S2 motor unit is the new Display B, a user interface designed to provide accessible and easy to use information This simple, robust and reliable system is aimed at the leisure cyclist sector, who appreciates design "out of the box" which requires minimal configuration.

Clear and simple layout

Yamaha's new B display is the perfect match for the new PWseries S2 motor unit and features a carefully selected set of features that provide the rider with key information that is easy to access and easy to read. The 3-inch LCD screen displays information in large format in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. Centrally mounted, it barely clutters the handlebar.

Quick and easy to install every day

Display B is a "ready to use" system that saves the settings previously chosen by the user, such as the driver assistance mode or the status of the lights (on / off). Its intuitive design allows you to change settings quickly and easily. The drive can be removed from the holder with a single touch to protect it from theft and bad weather; there is also the option of fixing the display with a bolt, for added security.

Compatible with smartphones

The central location of the user interface leaves plenty of space on the handlebar for a smartphone holder and enables power delivery via a 1A micro-B USB port which helps prevent smartphone battery drain when using high-power apps energy, including GPS.

Key Display Features B

Easy to use, easy to read
3 inch LCD screen
Ready to use design
Key information in large format
Memorize the settings when the system shuts down
One-touch removal
Smartphone compatible design
European manufacturing accelerates Yamaha's carbon neutrality goal

As part of the carbon neutrality goal for 2050, Yamaha engine units will be manufactured at MBK Industrie's French-based factories.

In addition to contributing to Yamaha's goal of carbon neutrality, the relocation of PWseries drive unit production from Japan to Western Europe reduces the need for expensive and recently unreliable logistics operations and offers many additional benefits to bicycle manufacturers: delivery times, greater flexibility in supplies, elimination of external supply chain disruptions such as port congestion, optimization of packaging for logistics within the EU and reduction of waste.

MBK Industrie's San Quentin factory currently produces more than 80,000 Yamaha motorcycles, scooters and leisure vehicles annually. With ISO 14001 certification for environmental protection and ISO 9001 certification for quality improvement, MBK Industrie is ready to offer the highest levels of service to our EU customers.