New Wilier Adlar gravel bike 2023 2024 price weight versions full review





Wilier Triestina presented the new gravel bike with persanta carbon fiber frame for Wilier Adlar travel, this is the official presentation press release, at the bottom the updated Wilier Adlar price list:

"Wilier Adlar is the bike designed for adventure and bikepacking with a carbon fiber frame. When what really matters is the journey, not the destination.

We looked at our bikes. Rave SLR: the competition. Jena, Jaroon and Jareen: multi-purpose bikes equipped with different frames respectively in carbon fibre, steel and aluminium. We understood that gravel is also and more and more an adventure, a more or less conscious way to capture its forms and related meanings through travel.

Climbs, descents, meetings, hours and hours spent in the saddle in total autonomy without the rush of maximum time. Alone or in company.

Adlar is dedicated to bikepacking, explorers, cycle travellers. The carbon fiber frame structure has been strengthened to the point of allowing for an additional maximum load of 35 kg. To this quality we have combined new shapes, a careful study of the geometries and a completely integrated cable passage.

The frame weighs 1,100 g and is available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL. The geometries derive from the mountain bike: the horizontal development of the frame triangle (reach) is quite pronounced. This solution makes it possible to adopt a shorter stem that works in synergy with an open steering angle (70°).

An evolution that restores handling and control on the most demanding trails with the bike loaded.

The generous wheel clearances are able to accommodate any 52mm gravel tire (52-622) up to 29 x 2.00 '' mountain bike tires. The frame has been designed to accommodate a fork with particularly long blades. A configuration that facilitates the installation of a suspension fork (maximum travel of 40 mm compatible with 1" 1/4-

1"1/2) without changing the overall geometry of the frame. On the right fork leg,

moreover, there is a hole for the passage of the cable of a possible dynamo hub.

The 27.2mm seatpost can also be replaced with a telescopic system.

The setups only include single-chainring transmissions. This choice made it possible to free the seat tube from the derailleur attachment. In this area the shapes have been flattened to create a sort of small integrated fender.


Front and rear racks offload the weight of the bags on the thru-axles that cross the frame and fork. A choice that makes it possible to reduce the structural stress on Adlar. Further fixing points guarantee stability, without forgetting the possibility of installing a third bottle cage or tool holder under the down tube and a top tube bag. The accessory kit is completed with mudguards (sold separately) and a set of 4 quick-fit bags produced in collaboration with Miss Grape."

These are the Wilier Adlar prices for 2023 2024:

Wilier Adlar Sram Rival AXS + bag kit 5400 euros

Wilier Adlar Sram Rival AXS 4800 euros

Wilier Adlar Shimano GRX 1x12 + bag kit 4600 euros

Wilier Adlar Shimano GRX 1x12 4000 euros

Wilier Adlar Shimano GRX 1x11 3700 euros