what are the best winter shoes for bicycles and how to choose them - Bycicles tips


Choosing the best winter shoes for cycling depends on several factors, including your specific needs, the type of riding you prefer and the climate in your area. However, here are some important features to consider when looking for the best winter shoes for cycling:

Thermal Insulation: Winter shoes should offer good thermal insulation to keep your feet warm during cold days.

Waterproof: Water resistance is key to keeping your feet dry in rain or snow. Look for shoes with waterproof materials and sealed seams.

Breathability: Even if you want to keep your feet warm, it is important that your shoes are breathable to avoid moisture build-up inside.

Adjustable closures: Adjustable closure systems, such as laces or straps, allow you to adapt the shoes to the foot more precisely.

Non-slip sole: A sole with good traction is essential to provide stability and grip when walking or cycling on slippery surfaces.

Pedal compatibility: Make sure your shoes are compatible with your pedals and the clip system you use on your bike.

Ankle Height: Shoes with a higher ankle can help better protect your foot from cold and rain.

Reflectors or reflective elements: To improve visibility during darker days, consider shoes with reflective elements.

Some brands known for producing winter cycling shoes include Shimano, Giro, Northwave, and Sidi.



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