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TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 test review review Build quality

The new TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 has a high cost, but everything is top quality, nothing has been left to chance and ultimately it is an excellent evolution of the previous model.

The design of the frame and the layout of the rear suspension have been an inspiration for other competitors and with the new version everything has been improved.

The expansion of the range is also excellent, even with frames of different carbon, heavier, but cheaper.

TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 test review Frame

The frame of the TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 is very well done, with a quality of construction that is really at the top of the category.

However, a certain general complexity of the bicycle should be noted, which will have repercussions on maintenance and management costs in the long term.

The weight remains very competitive, 9.45Kg.

The possibility of personalizing the bike is excellent.

Even if everything is made to the top, quality comes at a price, perhaps a little too much ...

TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies of the TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 is however wide, albeit with high prices.

However, the value for money is more than sufficient, the mtb costs a lot, but everything is top notch.

Overall it's not a bargain, but it remains a benchmark for the category.

TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 test review Comfort

Even if it is not the best for ride comfort, as an XC mtb it is more than valid.

Clearly it remains a stiff frame, with stiff rear suspension and relatively little travel.

But it is much more comfortable than a Front and less than a full 120mm.

A good compromise for those looking for an XC mtb but still with good ride comfort.

Having said that, the ride comfort is valid and even higher than the previous model.

TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 test review Guide

The TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 evolves further with an even easier and more intuitive frame to ride, with very high performance, achieved with great ease and safety.

Compared to the previous Supercaliber, the whole bike is stiffer, more reactive, faster, but above all easier and safer to ride, especially when speed increases.

The dynamic behavior highlights excellent stability at speed and perfect traction uphill, even on technically difficult routes.

The low weight, then, facilitates the most difficult and technical climbs.

The new rear suspension works well, more fluid and precise than in the past, more constant in its work, especially after several hours in the saddle.

Greatly improved the ease with which it is set up and calibrated for your driving style.

Downhill performance is excellent in absolute terms.

Easy to drive on the plains, where ride comfort is appreciated, but above all its high performance.

A perfect frame on fast routes and with hard and compact surfaces.

Excellent braking and suspension.

A mtb suitable for any route, excellent downhill, flat and uphill.

The chassis is really excellent, an excellent evolution compared to the past, above all for the greater effectiveness of the rear suspension.

TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 test review Performance

The general performance of the TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 is very high and it could not be otherwise.

Low weight, rigid frame, excellent suspension, top components ...

There is not a single element that can be criticized.

Consequently its performances are at the top of the market, then the real difference is made by the legs ...

A frame, however, also excellent for the simple amateur, because it is easy and safe to ride.

It doesn't have one element in which it can be considered inferior to its competitors, it always goes fast, then you need to have the "legs" and driving skills to take advantage of this chassis.

TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 test review pros and cons

The TREK Supercaliber SLR 2023 2024 proves to be a mtb of very high performance and excellent overall quality, a nice evolution compared to the previous model.

It has a great frame, it's light, it's stiff, it's fast.

This is not cheap, this is its real and only flaw.

But it will also hold good value on the used market.

For those who want to make a bargain, now is the time to buy the previous Trek Supercaliber at the sale price, the new one will be even better, but the "old" one remains a more than excellent mtb ...


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