TREK FUEL EX E 2023, all you need to know before buying a new bike TREK FUEL EX E 2023 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!


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Trek Fuel EX E 2023 road test ride review

e bike Trek Fuel EX-E 2023 news review price



Trek Fuel EX E 2023 Road test review Build quality

The Trek Fuel EXE 2023 has a very high cost, and only partially justified by its build quality and technology.

The sizes available only the classic four basic, as well as the 360wh battery is certainly not the top.

Even the 50Nm power engine is not the top.

In part all this was sought to have a light bike, but in the end we are talking about 19 kg and 15,000 Euros ...

The general build quality is still valid, but the price remains high and not very justified for an e-mtb that is, after all, normal.

If it weren't called Trek, no one would have noticed it ...





Trek Fuel EX E 2023 Road Test Review Frame

New frame, new geometries, new everything.

new weight distribution, we wanted to create an e-mtb that behaves like a mtb.

The goal was achieved, not without several renunciations.

Low torque motor, small battery, short range, high price.

The frame is still very well made.

Of note is the integrated carbon fiber handlebar, a complication to find the correct position in the saddle and a very vulnerable component in the event of a fall.





Trek Fuel EX E 2023 Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete and wide, the prices remain high, but basically for those who want this model, the choice is not lacking.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is high.

The value for money is still within the sufficiency.





Trek Fuel EX E 2023 Road test Comfort review

With suspension of 140 and 150mm it is useless to talk about ride comfort.

It remains on an excellent level.

According to some, the shock remains slightly stiff with lighter athletes.

Having said that, the ride comfort is absolutely excellent.





Trek Fuel EX E 2023 Road Test Review Guide

The Trek Fuel EXE 2023 is certainly not a light bike, nor powerful enough to be an e-bike.

However, it turns out to have a great riding balance and achieves the goal of being very similar in behavior to a muscular bicycle.

Excellent traction and ease of driving uphill, good performance on the flat.

Excellent in downhill behavior, where the Trek Fuel EXE 2023 actually behaves with a traditional mtb, only the greater weight is felt, but handling, stability and driving balance are similar.

Excellent braking and valid suspension, smooth and easy to fine-tune.

A beautiful e-mtb suitable for descents, but also valid uphill, perfect for fast and medium-slow routes, in difficulty only in very slow routes.





Trek Fuel EX E 2023 Road test review Performance

The high weight and the reduced power of the engine and its autonomy are the weak points of the Trek Fuel EXE 2023, compared to other direct competitors.

When you get off more powerful e-bikes you can feel the difference clearly.

This is obviously when one only relies on the thrust of the engine, however very gradual and fine-tuned.

The driving dynamics, on the other hand, are completely similar to a muscular mtb and better than many e-bikes.

Its strong point is the descent, while uphill and on long journeys you feel the lack of engine performance and greater autonomy.





Trek Fuel EX E 2023 Road test review Pros and cons

The Trek Fuel EXE 2023 proved to be an innovative e-bike, a link between a muscle bike and an e-bike.

It can be a disappointment or a great innovation, it all depends on what you are looking for.

If you want a mtb with an additional "electric help" then it is your bike, otherwise a traditional e-bike, more powerful and with greater autonomy, is better.

The high price is however a defect and little justified.

Will be successful?

We think that many will regret the purchase, especially those who already have an e-bike.

Easier to find cyclists who approach the e-bike and will find it excellent.

Ultimately it is like a traditional mtb, but uphill it takes much less effort ...


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