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Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024 Road test review Build quality

We are at an entry level, a little further, but with a good value for money.

All well done and cared for, even if the bike is not light at all.

In fact, the total weight of the bike is about 8.8Kg, not a little, but not so far from the other models, which already cost twice as much.

In fact, direct competitors do no better. 


Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024Road Test Review Frame

The frame is well made, a heavier carbon is used in this version.

Having said this, the good availability of size and the excellent general construction quality should be noted. 

Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024 Road Test Assemblies Review

The assembly is valid, basic but reliable.

Nothing to report except an overall weight not very suitable for an uphill bike, but it is almost impossible to do better starting from this price and with these components. 


Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024Road test Comfort review

It's not an endurance bike, like the Domane, but the ride comfort is more than good, almost a good alternative to the Domane.

Long bike rides are easily doable.

Among racing bikes it is one of the best ever. 

Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024Road Test Review Guide

The handling of all Trek Emonda racing bikes is similar, but not the same.

The more the weight of the bicycle increases, the more its stability and safety at high speeds increase.

The Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024 therefore follows the driving skills of the SLR range, but with greater ease of driving and greater safety.

Fast and safe on descents, it is decidedly easier than the SLR versions and also the SL6 to drive at high speeds, safer, more stable and sincere in reactions.

Slightly less quick to enter corners, slightly less manageable, but much more stable.

Good braking.

Less scary at speed, better controlled, very little affected by crosswinds, very stable on bumpy roads; ultimately it is much less tiring than all the other Trek Emonda 2024 versions. 


Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024 Road test review Performance

The weak point of this Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc is clearly the weight, competitive in its price range, but high in absolute terms.

Performance, therefore, is competitive with its direct competitors in terms of list price, but sufficient in absolute terms.

Clearly the high weight is discounted, especially uphill, where the differences with the other lighter Trel Emonda 2024 versions are more marked.

All in all, one version is as good as another on the plain, at least at an amateur level.

On the other hand, downhill, the performances are valid, except perhaps for braking, where the 105 group does not have that "bite" of Dura Ace or Ultegra.

It is however a balanced racing bike at ease on any route.


Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024 Road test review Pros and cons

The Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc 2024 is a valid racing bike, with decent performance and good value for money.

Weight is its real limit.

This penalizes climbing performance.

On the plain, hills and downhill, however, its performance is good.

Downhill it can keep up with much more expensive racing bikes.

Maintenance isn't cheap or simple, but this is the fault of the market, which demands needlessly complex racing bikes.

The high weight is its fault, but there are no cheaper and lighter alternatives.



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