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The TREK Domane 2022 endurance bike is a classic of endurance bikes, long on the market and always up to date.

Good build quality, very high in the top range models.

Excellent ride comfort, among the best ever, if not the best ever among endurance bikes.

Absolutely perfect stability and driving safety.

Very safe downhill, it remains a competitive bike on mixed routes.

The weight is not exactly contained, it is not a pure climbing bike, but it defends itself well and among the endurance bikes it is among the most competitive.

On the plain it defends itself well, thanks to the rigidity of its frame.

Overall competitive and valid performances in absolute terms and among the best in its category.

Among the defects, we point out the high price, the complexity of the maintenance, the management costs that are not always contained.

However, it remains among the best 2022 endurance bikes, even if performance is paid dearly.