e-bike Trek Fuel EX-E 2023 2024 news review price


Trek has introduced the new Trek Fuel EXe Alloy 2023 2024 e-bike.

The aluminum frame replaces the carbon fiber one for a heavier, but also less expensive emtb.

The geometry and the motor group are identical to the carbon version, as are the batteries and autonomy.

29er wheels.

140mm and 150mm travel.

There are no substantial differences compared to the version with a carbon fiber frame, but a new range of assemblies and a new price list.

These are the available assemblies and the price:

Trek Fuel EX-e Alloy 8 GX AXS 2023 2024 7,699
Trek Fuel EX-e Alloy 8 XT 2023 2024 7,179
Trek Fuel EX-e Alloy 5 2023 2024 5.649