2024 Trek Fuel EX off road test ride review all you neewd to know (really), all you need to know before buying a new bike Trek Fuel EX 2024 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!


2024 Trek Fuel EX off road test review Build quality

The 2024 Trek Fuel EX has a very high cost, but a high build quality, nothing to complain.

Also noteworthy is the wide availability of sizes, the various assemblies and the range of colors.

The overall build quality is therefore very good, even if the price remains high.

But it remains a "classic" in the Trek range, with excellent commercial success and good value retention on the second-hand market.

However, it is not a bargain, the value for money is sufficient.


2024 Trek Fuel EX Off Road Test Review Frame

All very well done, albeit in the norm given the high prices.

There are no notes to make, but possibly underline that in the face of a high price there is a high availability of sizes, so as to allow everyone to have a frame of the correct size, which rarely happens.

Ultimately the frame doesn't come with a cheap price, but it's worth what it costs.

2024 Trek Fuel EX Off Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete and wide, the prices remain high, but basically for those who want this model, the choice is not lacking.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is high.


2024 Trek Fuel EX Off Road test Comfort review

With a wide suspension travel, 29er wheels, excellent components, there is no need to talk about ride comfort.

We are on a level of absolute excellence.

2024 Trek Fuel EX Off Road Test Review Guide

The 2024 Trek Fuel EX is the classic downhill mountain bike.

It is not yet a 100% downhill bike, but its ideal use is 60-70% downhill and the rest uphill and flat.

Downhill it does not have many rivals for ease of driving and intuitiveness, a sincere, predictable mtb, even safe within certain driving rhythms.

Obviously downhill, the more you increase the pace, the more driving skills are needed, the limits of the Trek Fuel EX are very high, consequently the driving skills must also be high.

However, it remains a very safe mtb bike.

Excellent traction and ease of driving uphill, good performance on the flat.

Excellent braking and valid suspension, smooth and easy to fine-tune.

An excellent MTB excellent downhill, but also valid uphill.


2024 Trek Fuel EX Off Road test review Performance

The relatively low weight, the excellent frame and the excellent suspension lead to absolutely competitive performance.

Its strong point is the descent, while uphill and on long journeys you feel the weight and the greater travel of the suspension compared to other models with less travel.

In its sector, however, it has no rivals, it is a competitive mtb at the most.

2024 Trek Fuel EX Off Road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Trek Fuel EX proved to be a very competitive and perfect evolution of the previous model.

A mtb that gives its best in descents, but which defends itself well in the flat and uphill.

Very easy and safe to drive.

The high price is its only flaw, but there are so many positives to consider about this bike.

It's certainly not a bargain, but it's worth the money it costs, in a crazy market where a bicycle costs as much as a car ...

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