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2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap Road test review Build quality

We are at a very high level, one of the best road bikes on the market.

All well done and cared for, even if the bike is very expensive and this brings everything back to a sufficient value for money but nothing more.

Impossible, with a 15 thousand euro racing bike, not to expect the top, even in the smallest details.

In reality then, the bike is well made, but it lacks that touch of true craftsmanship that only some products can have.

Well made, cared for, but if it weren't well pushed by marketing it would be a racing bike like many others.


2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap Road Test Review Frame

The frame is made very well, a benchmark for its lightness.

Very reliable, it is also offered with a good availability of sizes.

Equally excellent is the possibility of customizing the colors and the range of basic colors.

Nice frame, expensive, but well made, even if it's not a bargain in absolute terms.

2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap Road Test Assemblies Review

It's the best there is, as expensive as you want, but adopts the best for everything.

It is no coincidence that the weight is competitive for the type of racing bike, 6.7Kg, which is not a small amount for the cost of the bicycle, but between disc brakes and an electronic groupset it is impossible to do better.

The build quality is still at the top of the market.

Ultimately a racing bicycle with excellent technical and qualitative characteristics.


2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap Road test Comfort review

It's not an endurance bike, like the Domane, but it's by no means an uncomfortable road bike.

Long bike rides are easily doable.

It is one of the most comfortable of all high-performance racing bikes.

In this respect, an excellent compromise between high performance and ride comfort.

2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap Road Test Review Guide

The Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap 2024 is a very light racing bicycle, easy and intuitive to ride, but which still requires some riding experience at high speeds.

Its lightness allows you to descend quickly from mountain passes, but you need decision in driving and you don't need to get distracted, especially on stretches of damaged asphalt.

Not so sensitive to lateral winds, it runs precisely on the plains and hills.

Excellent braking and speed when cornering.

Equally valid is the ability to be fast on narrow mountain roads, where hairpin bends are not a problem.

It's not the easiest race bike to ride downhill, but it redeems itself well in all other conditions.

A good frame.


2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap Road test review Performance

Everything can be said except that the 2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap is not a very high performance bike.

As expensive as you like, but still one of the best climbing bikes out there.

There are bikes that are better on the flat, others more balanced, others more versatile, but none is as good uphill as the 2023 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap.

Then for everything else there may be better competitors, but years after its appearance, the Emonda remains a pure climbing bike.

An excellent bike for those who like climbing, but also valid on the plains.

Overall its performances are at the absolute top uphill, while overall they are of a high standard.

Only note: a pity to see that over the years the bike has not lost weight with the same assembly, many improvements made, but between apps, sensors, discs, etc., what has been gained on the one hand has been lost on the other.

It should reflect whether this is evolution or involution ...

2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap Road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Trek Emonda SLR 9 Etap continues to set the benchmark for high-end climbing bikes.

The climbing performance remains at the absolute top.

In the plains and hills it defends itself.

It's not the easiest bike to ride downhill.

It's not a cheap bike.

A valid racing bike, perfect uphill, coveted by climbers.

The high price is its real flaw.

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