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After Trek presented the new Trek Madone 2023, we're back to talking about the new 2024 2025 Trek Emonda SLR.

The new 2024 2025 Trek Emonda SLR could also arrive for the Tour de France, or after the summer.

How will the new 2024 2025 Trek Emonda SLR evolve?

Hard to say, there are no official press releases, but we believe that Trek will follow the current technical trend.

The frame will be refined, about 50 grams lighter, but with better stiffness and aerodynamics.

Then the new dedicated wheels will arrive, also 50 grams lighter.

Then the new integrated steering unit, more aerodynamic, light, stiff; here, too, another 50 grams could be saved.

Then the integrated cable routing, a new fork and a new seatpost will be improved.

Here, too, other grams could be saved between the fork and seat post.

A road bike that is approximately 200 grams lighter overall than the 2023 Trek Emonda.

With this upgrade, the new 2024 2025 Trek Emonda SLR would once again be competitive against the new lightweight aero bikes.

A Road Disc racing bike weighing around 6.6 kg, but maybe even 6.4 kg.

The price, at this point, would rise to around 5,000 euros for the frame kit.

We will see, in our opinion, after the summer, how much truth there is in what we have written.

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