All New Sram Maven brakes 2024 price and weights


Sram presented the new Maven brakes declaring that they had created the most powerful brakes ever produced.
Available in three versions Ulitmate, Silver and Bronze, they promise approximately 50% more power and a 32% decrease in the force required to activate the lever.
With four-piston calipers, the new Sram Maven brakes are adjustable to various powers and are suitable for DH, Emtb, Enduro and Trail.
The caliper body is very robust and rigid in order to reduce flexibility and power loss.
The caliper pistons are two of 18 mm and two of 19.5 mm.
The brake pads have also been enlarged and, thanks to the new design, allow a constant temperature to be maintained during use. They will in fact delay reaching temperature but ensure slow cooling.
The novelty also lies in the use of mineral oil thanks to a new sealing material for the gaskets.
Sram declares these weights for the three versions:
362 g for the Ultimate model
371 g for the Silver
369 g for Bronze

As for the price
Maven Ultimate Kit $599
Maven Ultimate $300
Maven Silver $265
Maven Bronze $185

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