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2024 Sram Force AXS road test review Build quality

Nothing to complain, well made, not very light, but of good general quality.

Everything is done well, but it must be said that the prices are not popular ...

Of note is the new crankset, very well made and functional.

2024 Sram Force AXS road test review Groupset

The new Sram Force AXS group is complete with everything, everything well done.

There is also the power meter and gravel bike version.

Excellent choice of sprocket packs.

More limited, in our opinion, that of crowns.

2024 Sram Force AXS road test review Guide

Having in mind how a Sram Force AXS works, the new group can be a disappointment, because it is very similar to the previous model.

But everything works a little better.

The ergonomics of the controls are better, the lever travel is shorter.

Above all, the front derailment is faster and more precise.

This is a notable difference compared to the previous group, a sign that the new crowns have their own functionality.

For this aspect the new Sram Force AXS works even better than the Red AXS.

Accurate, fast, reliable.

Braking is also good.

Valid the smoothness of the bottom bracket and the fluidity of the controls.

2024 Sram Force AXS road test review Performance

The group is fine, there are no notes to make.

Fast shifting, precise, smooth.

Nothing to report.

Compared to the Red AXS, something is lost in lightness, but for everything else it is the same or almost.

We were amazed by the precesion of the derailleur.

It is not a light group in absolute terms, but competitive as a whole and a valid, cheaper alternative to the Red AXS and an excellent alternative to Shimano Ultegra Di2.

2024 Sram Force AXS road test review Pros and cons

The new group New Sram Force AXS confirms the overall validity of the Sram Force AXS group.

Better in everything than the previous model, it does not differ much in practical reality, but it is undeniable that it is still better.

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