Specialized Turbo Levo 2022 test review opinion, all you must know about Specialized Turbo Levo 2022

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Specialized Turbo Levo 2022 test review opinion

The Specialized Turbo Levo 2022 e-bike is well made, relatively light, well assembled, but also expensive, perhaps too much compared to other competitors that offer similar performance at lower prices.

Easy to ride, intuitive, manageable, it is an excellent e-bike in the most demanding descents.

Likewise it's easy to pedal uphill, despite the weight and suspension travel.

The choice of new geometries and the new 29er front and 27.5er rear wheels have been guessed right.

We did not find the autonomy so high, we would have expected better.

It remains a downhill bike, to be used in a bike park, with ski lifts, rather than on long excursions from morning to evening, where there is a real risk of running out of battery.

However, the management of the electric motor and all the other pedal assistance management functions are excellent.

Excellent e-bike but in our opinion it costs too much and has little autonomy, even if the competitors do not do better.