SPECIALIZED Turbo Levo 2022 road test review

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The Specialized Turbo Levo 2022 is a point of reference in the area, recently renewed, it approaches an enduro "almost motorbike".

The new geometries and the differentiation of the diameter of the wheels are outstanding technical elements, to which everyone is adapting, although it must be emphasized that it was not Specialized that was the first to propose these solutions, but, without a doubt, it is the first large company to propose them.

The new engine and the new batteries are a step forward, more power, more customizations, more autonomy.

The personalization of the electric motor intervention is useful, in addition to improving driving pleasure and general performance, it also allows you to better manage battery life.

The weight remains high, it remains a bike in which it is difficult to push without the aid of the electric motor, woe to be left without the help of the batteries !.

As always, stability and driving safety are at the top, but above all ease of driving.

Good general finishes.

In addition to the carbon frame, the aluminum frame has finally arrived, an excellent alternative, cheaper and also more reliable.

In the event of a fall, an aluminum frame remains less delicate, and at the very least, easier to repair.

In the top-of-the-range version, despite the first-rate technical content and excellent general performance, the price is very high and hardly justified by the objective qualities of the bicycle.

It is useless to deny it, you pay for the name and exclusivity.

Overall an excellent e-mtb, perfect on the most daring descents, easy and safe to ride.

It costs a lot and does not have a simple maintenance, not to mention the possible maintenance and restoration costs of the electric motor and the battery.

If you think that the maximum is the initial expense, in our opinion, you are very wrong, you are only at the beginning of an indeterminate expense ...

It should be noted that the refined electronic management of the motor and the battery requires tools and qualified personnel for their eventual repair or simple diagnosis, another element to keep in mind.

The "do it yourself" or similar on this e-bike is very limited.

Ultimately an ebike that approaches the concept of motorcycles or cars, you buy it and you are only at the beginning of a shopping, in which everything must be part of the "official service", I am not selling you a bike, but I am selling you an object that you bind to me ...

These are our strengths and weaknesses of the Specialized Turbo Levo 2022.


Build quality


driving ease and safety


heavy weight


management and maintenance costs