Specialized Tarmac guide to buying a used racing bike what to check for known and lesser-known defects quotes which are the best years and which models to focus on


Guide to buying a used Specialized Tarmac

What to check:

Before purchasing:

Check the history of the bike: check the serial number to verify its origin and whether it has been recalled for any problem.
Request an inspection from an experienced mechanic - this will help you identify any mechanical or structural problems.
Take a test ride: Make sure the bike is comfortable to ride and fits you well.

During the inspection:

Check the frame: look for signs of cracks, dents or rust.
Inspect the fork and rear hub: make sure there are no oil leaks and that the components are working properly.
Check the wheels: Make sure the wheels are straight and the spokes are not damaged.
Examine the brakes: Make sure the brakes work properly and that the pads and rotors are in good condition.
Check the drivetrain: Make sure the chain and cassettes are in good condition and that the gearbox works properly.

Known and lesser-known defects:

Fork problems: Some Tarmac models have had problems with the fork, which can bend or break.
Problems with the brakes: Some Tarmac models have had problems with the brakes, which can be noisy or ineffective.
Paint Issues: The paint on some Tarmacs may be prone to chipping or discoloration.


Prices for used Specialized Tarmacs vary depending on the model, year, condition and mileage. In general, you can expect to pay more for newer models in better condition.

What are the best vintages?

The best years for Specialized Tarmacs are generally considered to be 2012 to 2021. These models have benefited from a number of improvements, including a lighter and stiffer frame, an improved fork and disc brakes.

Which models to focus on:

If you are looking for a used Specialized Tarmac, I recommend you consider the following models:

SL7: the top model, offers the best performance and the lowest weight.
SL6: A slightly cheaper version of the SL7, it still offers excellent performance.
Sport: a good deal for those looking for a reliable and high-performance Tarmac.


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