Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test ride review all you need to know (really)




Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test review Build quality

The Specialized Diverge STR Expert has a very high overall quality, excellent assembly, as well as the range of sizes available.

Weight not included.

It is not a cheap bicycle, but very valid, of quality, nothing else to add.

Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test review Frame

The frame of the Specialized Diverge STR Expert is perfectly made, the rear suspension is very well made.

Complex chassis, periodic maintenance is complex and not economical.

From a quality and innovation point of view everything is top notch, but you pay dearly...

Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test review Assemblies

The Specialized Diverge STR Expert version costs 9000 euros and weighs over 9.8 kg, they are not low values, but the rear suspension system is expensive to make and heavy.

The value for money is still more than sufficient, but a gravel bike is expensive, but it is well made and technological.

Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test review Comfort

The top among gravel bikes today, needless to say anything else.

The well-known fork is excellent and the rear shock-absorbing system is equally excellent.

It is not a full MTB, still superior, but compared to other gravel bikes the ride comfort is very high and absolutely excellent for the category.

Also better than all endurance and mtb front bikes.

It remains behind only full mountain bikes.

Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test review Guide

The Specialized Diverge STR Expert is a very intuitive and easy to ride, safe bicycle.

On asphalt roads you can appreciate the high ride comfort, precision and stability of the bicycle.

Even off road, comfort remains high and, compared to competitors, the bicycle is easier to ride and control on very uneven terrain.

Downhill stability is valid and safe.

Good braking.

A very pleasant bicycle to ride at a tourist pace, but also at high speeds, where it instils a lot of confidence and the desire to dare more.

It feels like traveling on a track, everything always under control.

This also allows the novice to go very fast, especially off road, where the driving effort becomes truly minimal.

Compared to other gravel bikes, it is not only far more comfortable, but also much easier to ride off road and much less tiring.

The real advantage of the full-suspension frame is that.

In conclusion, it is true that it costs money, but at least off road, it is much easier to drive than its competitors.

Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test review Performance

The overall high weight of the bicycle is its limit, the only flaw of a gravel bike that borders on perfection.

The frame is also rigid, but then part of the performance disappears to move a bicycle that is not light at all and becomes heavy when you analyze the competitors at the same price.

Off road, especially technical and difficult, it has no rivals, the advantage of the suspension is undeniable.

Only an expert biker can do better with competing gravel bikes, but the rest of the athletes will always be faster with this frame.

On the asphalt road, however, it loses the challenge with all the competitors, the bicycle is too heavy to be competitive on a paved road and even less so on a climb.

It therefore remains a competitive gravel bike on truly technical routes, almost like a mountain bike, while where you can let the bike run it is at a disadvantage compared to other models.

Excellent for all-round tourism, there is no easier and more relaxing bicycle on very long distances.

Specialized Diverge STR Expert 2024 road test review Pros and cons

The Specialized Diverge STR Expert gravel bike is an expensive but excellent quality gravel bike with high performance, especially on very technical and difficult off road terrain.

It is the top for safety, ease of driving and ride comfort.

Its flaw is the price and weight.

A gravel bike that is very close to a full mtb, rather than a real gravel bike, perfect for 100% off road routes, even very difficult ones.

On asphalt roads it is inferior to its competitors.

However, its use in wide-ranging tourism is excellent, because it has a very high ride comfort.


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