Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 road test ride review all you need to know (really)


Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 Road test review Build quality

The Specialized Aethos Expert has a relatively high cost, but it is very well made, no criticisms can be made, even if you pay a lot for everything.

It's certainly not a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind racing bike, but everything is very well done and of a certain quality.

It's not the bike for those who want an exclusive product, but to have a competitive weight you can't look for "extravagant" solutions.

Although it is not the top-of-the-range model, the bike is not exactly cheap, even if it remains a very light bike, but not exactly very light.

The frame is still well done and the bike well assembled, it doesn't come cheap, but the good evaluation of Specialized bicycles on the used market should also be considered.




Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 Road Test Review Frame

The Aethos frame is one of the lightest frames on the market, and even in this version, assembled with Shimano Ultegra Di2, it allows for a racing bike weighing around 7kg.

With disc brakes and an electronic groupset it is very difficult to go below 7Kg of real weight.

Good availability of sizes, shame about the range of colors, in fact absent.

In conclusion, at high prices, however, a good build quality is combined.



Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 Road Test Assemblies Review

The assembly of the Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 version is well done and of good overall quality.

It should be emphasized that other competitors offer a similar assembly, but at a list price of about 2 thousand euros less.

The brand pays off...

In defense of the Specialized Aethos the excellent weight it manages to reach, something that other competitors also reach today.

It remains an expensive bike, but well made and quality.




Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 Road test Comfort review

Very good for a racing bike, it is not the Specialized bicycle born to be comfortable, but among racing bikes it is among the best in this respect.

In the end, it's not the best for doing many kilometers in peace, but as a racing bike it allows you to do many kilometers reaching the end of the race without having a massacred back.

Within the Specialized catalog it ranks immediately below the Roubaix and better than the Tarmac SL8.

Quite a result...

In absolute terms, its ride comfort is similar to the direct competitor Trek Emonda.

Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 Road Test Review Guide

A light and very manageable racing bike, but still precise and sincere.

Downhill the steering is light, but easy to control, just nervous on stretches of damaged asphalt.

Easy to control the bike in crosswinds and equally easy to ride uphill.

Very easy to handle, it tackles hairpin bends with ease and runs fast on narrow mountain descents.

Excellent braking.

Equally valid is the behavior on the plains.

The performance on the plains and hills is very good, but it is still a bike that goes fast uphill.


Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 Road test review Performance

It is a very competitive racing bicycle on any type of route, but especially uphill.

Equally effective it is downhill, while it defends itself well in the plains and hills.

It doesn't have absolute top stiffness, but an excellent weight-to-stiffness ratio.

More than a professional, which develops many watts, it manages to be competitive in the hands of a good amateur, who will appreciate its lightness.

A competitive uphill racing bike, definitely not the best ever, but among the best.

The price performance ratio is not so favorable, because you pay the name, but overall the bike remains competitive and even successful on certain routes.

Specialized Aethos Expert 2024 Road test review Pros and cons

The Specialized Aethos Expert proves to be an excellent racing bike, light, not cheap, but with excellent performance.

The price is its real flaw.

Excellent valuation on the used market.

It remains to this day one of the best racing bikes for climbing. 

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