e-bike Specialized Turbo Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review pros cons problems everything you need to know (really)



E-bike Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review Build quality

The Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 Ebike has a relatively high price, but it is also an excellent e-bike.

The availability of sizes is excellent, as is the new engine and the long autonomy.

The general construction quality is very good, although the list price of 8500 euros is certainly not cheap.

The weight, of around 14 kg, is in line with its assembly and its autonomy, although still high for the price of the ebike.

E-bike Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review Frame

The frame of the Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 Ebike is very well made, available in many sizes, and a very high quality of construction.

It is not a cheap e-bike but the frame is well made and the real plus is the abundant number of sizes, there are no sacrifices, to each their own right frame.

Motor and integrated battery are classic Specialized products, well made, powerful, with good autonomy and good reliability.

It's a shame that the battery and integrated instrumentation are not easy to replace and maintain.

Spare parts prices are very high, another problem to take into consideration.

Worth noting is the presence of the external battery which extends the autonomy, but increases the weight even more.

Another interesting aspect is the suspension fork.

E-bike Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review Assemblies

The assembly of the Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 is of good quality and aligned with its list price.

The quality/price ratio remains within sufficiency, but the good evaluation of Specialized ebikes on the used market must also be considered.

Of note, as mentioned, is the high cost of spare parts and the complexity of maintenance.

It's not a free ebike, but the Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 still has a fair price.

E-bike Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review Comfort

Comfort is very high, better than other similar ebikes.

Difficult to do better from an e-road.

The new fork and the new seat post are very good, they offer excellent ride comfort and isolate well from vibrations and stronger shocks.

Overall, ride comfort is excellent and at the top of the category.

E-bike Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review Guide

The Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 Ebike maintains that reassuring behavior and easy and intuitive driving typical of the Specialized Turbo Creo ebike.

The dynamic behavior highlights excellent stability and great ease of driving, even safer and easier to drive on stretches of ruined asphalt and at high speeds.

A high level of driving safety that is very reassuring in all conditions of use and which allows you to concentrate only on the pleasure of pedaling and riding the ebike.

Consequently, the stability and safety on descents are excellent, where the performance is truly excellent in absolute terms.

Easy to drive on the flats, where ride comfort and good general performance are appreciated.

The braking and attitude of the ebike during braking are excellent.

It should be noted that the differences with the more expensive S-Works version, if there are any, are imperceptible, just less manageable, slightly heavier, but even more stable, safe and also comfortable.

A true 360 degree ebike, excellent on the road and also valid on dirt roads.

Especially on unpaved roads it highlights a valid ride, it is not a "pure" gravel bike, but it is not that distant, so much so that it travels easily together with a gravel bike as long as the route is technically easy, with a hard and fast surface.

For more difficult and technical routes, we could also say, there are mountain bikes...

E-bike Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review Performance

The overall performance of the Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 E-bike is very high, competitive even against the latest competing e-bikes.

The engine is powerful, has torque and thrust, difficult to be disappointed.

The autonomy is also valid, even if the promised 200 km is unlikely to be reached, but it remains one of the ebikes with the greatest real autonomy, always above 110km.

As always, it is not very pleasant to pedal without the thrust of the electric motor.

The motor has a very gradual intervention, it never gives the sudden jerk of other competitors, making the pedaling very fluid.

Its optimal intervention occurs at around 80 pedal strokes per minute, quite a bit for those who are not trained.

In reality its thrust is still valid even when going slower.

Its noise is not high.

However, thinking about pedaling without the help of the electric motor is something to do only in an emergency.

The best thing is to always have a minimum amount of push, so as to make the bicycle light and easy.

The ability to program is useful

by force of intervention of the engine.

Using maximum engine thrust only for the sections where you want to be really fast.

Compared to the more expensive S-Works, the engine is used more, due to the greater weight, this reduces the autonomy, but it always remains above 100 km.

Overall it is a very good, expensive, but high performance ebike.

It's going strong everywhere.

In terms of quality/price/performance ratio, for us it is the best choice within the Specialized Creo 2 range.

E-bike Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 road test review Pros and cons

The Specialized Creo 2 Expert 2024 e-bike proves to be a balanced ebike between price, quality and performance.

It is certainly not an ebike given away as a gift, or on sale, but it is also true that you pay for quality, as does assistance and the easy availability of spare parts.

It has a great frame, available in many sizes and very well made.

The motor and battery are equally good; excellent power and real autonomy.

It's not cheap and doesn't have cheap maintenance; the historical defects of Specialized ebikes.

It also holds its value well on the used market and proves superior to many other similar ebikes.

Expensive, but great e-bike.


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