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2024 Specialized S-Works Epic 8 off road test review opinions pros and cons everything you need to know


In-depth review: Specialized S-Works Epic 8 2024

The Specialized Epic 8 2024 is a full XC mountain bike that stands out for its versatility, efficiency and technological innovation. In this review we will take a deep look at its features, performance and strengths compared to the Specialized Epic World Cup.
Main features


Carbon Fact 11m
Aggressive geometry for efficient riding
Travel: 100mm front, 120mm rear


Progressive system with Flight Attendant
RockShox SID Ultimate (front)
RockShox SIDLuxe Ultimate (rear)


SRAM XX1 Eagle groupset
Roval Control SL carbon wheels
Roval Control SL integrated cockpit
Specialized Fast Trak and Renegade tires


11.8 kg (size S)

Frame and geometry: The Fact 11m carbon frame inspires confidence with its stiffness and lightness. The aggressive geometry promises efficiency uphill and fun downhill. Assembly was quick and easy, thanks to high-end components like the SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain and Roval Control SL carbon wheels.

Suspension: The flagship is the Flight Attendant system. The RockShox SID Ultimate fork and SIDLuxe Ultimate shock have proven to be outstanding. The automatic system worked perfectly, adapting to the terrain without requiring any manual intervention.

Integrated Cockpit: The Roval Control SL cockpit offers a clean, aerodynamic aesthetic. However, for some it may be limiting in terms of adjustment.
The test: facing the challenge


Efficiency: The Epic 8 proved to be a true uphill champion. Pedaling is efficient and precise, without any flexing of the frame. The Flight Attendant system distributed power perfectly, keeping the bike stable on steep inclines.
Control: Aggressive geometry offers an aggressive riding position that aids downshifting. The low handlebars and short trail ensure precise control even on technical terrain.
Suspension: The SID fork worked great, locking out when needed and providing comfort on rough sections. The SIDLuxe shock kept the rear wheel planted on the ground, ensuring traction and stability.


Fun: The Epic 8 is not only efficient uphill, but also fun downhill. The 120mm travel offers confidence on rough terrain and the balanced geometry allows you to tackle jumps and tight turns with confidence.
Control: The SID fork absorbed bumps with ease, while the SIDLuxe shock kept the bike stable even on rough terrain. The Specialized Fast Trak and Renegade tires provided excellent grip in a variety of conditions.
Maneuverability: The steering is precise and responsive, allowing you to position the bike precisely over any obstacle. The reduced weight facilitates the transition from one line to another.


The Epic 8 has proven to be a truly versatile bike. It tackled both fast trails and technical trails with ease, proving suited to a variety of riding styles.

Surprises and reflections

Flight Attendant System: The real protagonist of this test was the Flight Attendant system. Its ability to automatically adapt to the terrain was revolutionary, eliminating the need to manually adjust the suspension.

Integrated Cockpit: The integrated cockpit offered a clean, aerodynamic aesthetic, but its limited adjustability might not be appreciated by everyone.

Tires: The Specialized tires performed well, but in muddy terrain they may require a change for more grip.

The Specialized S-Works Epic 8 2024 proved to be an exceptional adventure companion. Efficient, versatile and technologically advanced, it passed the off-road test brilliantly. The Flight Attendant system is a real game-changer, while the geometry and suspension offer excellent performance on any terrain.

If you are an expert biker looking for the best in terms of versatility, efficiency and innovation, the Epic 8 is the bike for you. However, the high price and integrated cockpit may not make it accessible to everyone.


The geometry and suspension promote efficient pedaling uphill.
The Flight Attendant system automatically optimizes damper settings.


The 120mm travel makes it suitable for various terrains.
The geometry balances climbing and descending well.


The high-end components guarantee high performance.
The Brain Fade system reduces bob while pedaling.


The Flight Attendant system is industry leading.
Integrated cockpit for better aerodynamics.



The Epic 8 is a very expensive bike.

Lack of adjustability:

The Flight Attendant system limits the ability to customize settings.
The integrated cockpit may not be suitable for all riders.


It's not the lightest XC bike on the market.


The 2024 Specialized S-Works Epic 8 is an exceptional XC mountain bike that offers an efficient, versatile and technologically advanced riding experience.

However, its high price makes it a suitable choice for the most demanding bikers with a considerable budget.

If you're looking for a versatile, high-performance XC bike with the best of technology, the Epic 8 is an option not to be missed.
Other aspects to consider

Test the bike before you buy to make sure the geometry and setup suits your riding style.
There are cheaper Epic 8 models with less high-quality components.
Consider whether the Flight Attendant system represents added value for you.


Specialized S-Works Epic 8 2024:

For whom: Demanding XC bikers looking for a versatile, efficient and technologically advanced bike.
Advantages: Efficiency, versatility, performance, technology.
Flaws: High price, lack of adjustability, weight.

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