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2024 Specialized Epic HT Comp off road test review opinions pros and cons everything you need to know



The Specialized Epic HT Comp 2024 is a carbon cross-country hardtail that promises high performance, comfort and versatility. In this review, we will thoroughly analyze the bike.

- Weight:
- Frame: approx. 1300g (size M)
- Complete bicycle: approximately 11.5 kg (Comp setup)

- Pros:

- Lightness and rigidity of the FACT 11m carbon frame
- BRAIN system with intelligent suspension that adapts to the terrain
- Updated geometry to improve handling and efficiency
- Reliable and precise SRAM GX Eagle components
- Compatibility with telescopic seat post
- Attractive design

- Defects:

- High price (around €3,150 for the Comp setup)
- Lack of some premium components present on higher models
- Poor supply, with difficulty in obtaining

- Problems reported by some users:

- Noises from the head tube (can be solved with lubrication)
- Problems with RockShox fork (to be verified with Specialized support)
- Durability of the BRAIN bearings (to be monitored over time)

- What to know before buying it:

- It is a performance bike for expert cyclists looking for speed and precision.
- The price makes it inaccessible to many.
- It is important to check availability at retailers.
- It is advisable to try the bike before buying it.

- Reviews and opinions:

Online reviews of the Epic HT Comp are generally positive, with praise for its lightness, efficiency and comfort. However, some users complain about the high price and poor supply.
Off road test on different terrains:


The Epic HT Comp shines on climbs thanks to its light and stiff carbon frame (approximately 1300g for size M).
The updated 2024 geometry offers a great riding position, efficient and comfortable for pedaling long distances.
The BRAIN system with intelligent suspension adapts to the terrain, keeping the bike stable and responsive even on technical climbs.
The RockShox SID Ultimate fork offers 100mm of travel with efficient lockout to maximize climbing power.


The Epic HT Comp also performs well on descents, thanks to its balanced geometry and precise control.
The long wheelbase and open steering angle provide stability and safety on rough terrain.
The RockShox SID Ultimate fork guarantees excellent handling and shock absorption on rough trails.
Tubeless Ready tires facilitate tubeless setup for better grip and lower rolling resistance.


On flat terrain, the Epic HT Comp is efficient and fast.
The rigidity of the carbon frame translates into direct power transmission to the rear wheel.
SRAM GX Eagle components offer precise and smooth shifts.


The Epic HT Comp is designed to offer good comfort even on long rides.
The geometry ensures an ergonomic riding position that reduces fatigue.
The higher head tube compared to previous models improves comfort over long distances.
The RockShox SID Ultimate fork offers excellent sensitivity to small irregularities in the terrain.


The Epic HT Comp features SRAM hydraulic disc brakes that offer excellent power and modulation in all conditions.
The 160 mm front and 140 mm rear discs guarantee safe and progressive braking even on challenging terrain.


The BRAIN system is the flagship of the Epic HT Comp. It is an intelligent suspension that adapts to the terrain in real time.
On smooth terrain, the BRAIN locks out to maximize climbing efficiency.
On rough terrain, the BRAIN activates to offer excellent shock absorption and control.
The RockShox SID Ultimate fork is adjustable to suit the rider's weight and different terrain conditions.


The Epic HT Comp rides on 29-inch Specialized Roval Control SL carbon wheels.
The wheels are light, robust and offer excellent aerodynamics.
Tubeless ready rims facilitate tubeless setup for better grip and lower rolling resistance.
Specialized Fast Track S tires are smooth and versatile on different terrains.

In summary:

The 2024 Specialized Epic HT Comp is a top-tier cross-country hardtail that offers excellent performance on any terrain. It is light, efficient, comfortable and boasts high quality components.

However, it is important to keep in mind the high price (around €3,150 for the Comp trim) and the limited supply.


The 2024 Specialized Epic HT Comp is a great hardtail for experienced riders looking for high performance on varied terrain. However, the high price and low supply make it an option that isn't right for everyone.

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