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2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc test review Build quality

We are at an entry level, but with a good value for money.

All well done and cared for, even if the bike is not light at all.

In fact, the total weight of the bike is about 9.7 kg, not a little, but not so far from the other models, which already cost twice as much.

In fact, direct competitors do no better.

The price/weight/quality ratio is more than valid, considering that the bike costs around 1200 euros.

2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc test review Frame

The frame is well made, nothing to report.

Also noteworthy is the good availability of sizes and the excellent overall build quality.

Be careful when mounting the mudguards, some of them immediately damaged the paint around the point of contact between the mudguard support and the frame.

Assembly error, however, because rubber rings should be interposed.

2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc test review Assemblies

The assembly is valid, basic but reliable.

Nothing to report except an overall weight not very suitable for an uphill bike, but it is almost impossible to do better starting from this price and with these components.

The Shimano Claris groupset is an excellent choice, it is simple, cheap and reliable, excellent for this type of racing bike.

2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc test review Comfort

It's not an endurance bike and the aluminum frame responds drier and stiffer than a carbon one.

Overall, however, the ride comfort is sufficient to go on long rides without having a broken back.

Direct competitors do no better, while the wide tires improve comfort over other competitors with narrower tyres.

Furthermore, the geometry of the frame is of the endurance type, with the torso not leaning too much forward, which also improves ride comfort.

Ultimately, to have greater comfort you need to switch to a carbon frame.

2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc test review Guide

Driving the 2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc bike is easy and safe, with a geometry that rewards safety and stability, as well as ease of driving.

Its strong point is not the handling and speed of cornering, but total safety at high speeds and downhill.

Braking is good, even if the mechanical control of the disc brakes is not the best, in the end they brake like normal rim brakes.

Only on bumpy roads does it remain rigid and you need to keep the handlebar firmly in place.

It is very little affected by side winds.

An easy, intuitive, safe racing bike.

2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc test review Performance

The weak point of the 2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc is clearly the weight, competitive in its price range, but high in absolute terms.

A pity because instead the frame is stiff and responsive, you can see it on the plains, where it keeps up with much more expensive racing bikes.

Excellent performance downhill and on guided tours.

The only negative point is the hard climb, where the weight of the bike really counts.

Very competitive against similarly priced racing bikes, on many occasions it also manages to be competitive against more expensive racing bikes.

It is in any case a balanced racing bike, at ease on any route, a true all-round multi-purpose racing bike.

A great example of how to make an entry level bike, but not necessarily a bad one.

2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Specialized Allez E5 Disc is a valid racing bike, with performance in line with its price and valid for its list price.

It has good value for money.

Weight is its real limit, in absolute terms, otherwise the bike is also competitive against other alternatives in terms of frame type and price.

Downhill, however, its performance is valid in absolute terms and excellent for its category.

Only uphill does it stay in line with its direct rivals and back with more expensive bikes.

The high weight is its fault, but there are no cheaper and lighter alternatives.

Overall an excellent racing bike, multi-purpose, safe, all-round, for urban use, gravel, touring.

It's not little.

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NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested