Shimano Unveils New 12-Speed GRX Di2 RX825 Gravel Groupset 2024 price weight review all you need to know

Shimano has launched its highly anticipated 12-speed electronic gravel bike groupset, the GRX Di2 RX825. This groupset offers a number of improvements over the previous generation, including:

Wireless shifters: The shifters are now wireless, which helps to clean up the front end of the bike and makes installation easier.
12-speed compatibility: The groupset is now compatible with 12-speed cassettes, offering a wider range of gearing options.
Semi-wireless derailleurs: The front and rear derailleurs are semi-wireless, meaning they are wired to the battery but communicate wirelessly with the shifters.
New Front Shift Next option: This new customization option allows riders to assign any Di2 button to control front shifting.

Here's a closer look at the key features of the GRX Di2 RX825 groupset:

Wireless Shifters: The new shifters use a similar design to Shimano's latest-generation Di2 road shifters, but they are now wireless. This eliminates the need for Di2 wires running from the shifters to the central Di2 battery housed within the frame. Instead, each shifter is powered by a set of two CR1632 batteries, which Shimano claims should last for around three-and-a-half to four years.
12-Speed Compatibility: Unlike the original GRX Di2 RX815 groupset, GRX Di2 RX825 will only be offered in 2x configurations at launch. However, Shimano has confirmed a 1x 12-speed GRX Di2 groupset is in development. The 2x groupset offers two chainring options (48/31t and 46/30t) and two cassette options (11-34t and 11-36t).
Semi-Wireless Derailleurs: The new GRX Di2 RD-RX825 rear derailleur now houses the "brains" of the groupset, eliminating the need for a dedicated junction box elsewhere in the setup. Shimano says the rear derailleur uses the same electronics as the latest Dura-Ace Di2 RD-R9250 rear derailleur, but it doesn't claim it has the same, 58 percent faster shifting speed. The front derailleur (FD-RX825-F) has also been redesigned for better compatibility with flared gravel handlebars.
New Front Shift Next Option: Shimano is also introducing a new customization option called Front Shift Next. This allows riders to program any Di2 button to shift the front derailleur in either direction. This can be useful for riders who want a simpler shifting setup or who want to free up a button for other controls.

Other Features:

The groupset is compatible with hydraulic disc brakes only.
The claimed weight for a complete groupset is 2,747g (excluding wires and brake hoses).
The groupset is expected to be available at a price of approximately £2,100 / $2,631 / €2,479.

Limited-Edition GRX Pedals

Shimano has also announced a new set of limited-edition GRX gravel pedals. The GRX SPD M8100-UG pedals are essentially Deore XT PD-M8100 pedals with some updated graphics. They are priced at £114.99 / €109.99.

Overall, the Shimano GRX Di2 RX825 groupset looks like a significant upgrade for gravel riders looking for a high-performance electronic shifting system. The wireless shifters, 12-speed compatibility, and new Front Shift Next option are all welcome additions. However, some riders may be disappointed by the lack of a 1x option at launch and the fact that the groupset is not backwards compatible with older 11-speed parts.