Shimano GRX Di2 12v Gravel 2024 road test review pros, cons, problems, everything you need to know (really)

Avid gravel cyclists have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the GRX Di2 12-speed groupset.

After the success of the 12-speed GRX mechanical group, expectations were high for the new electronic version.

The GRX Di2 12-speed group has been designed to offer significant improvements over the previous version.

One of the strong points of this new version is the speed of shifting: the response time from pressing the control to the movement of the derailleur is quicker, offering a smoother and more precise shifting sensation, especially during downshifts.

The lever design has not undergone drastic changes, maintaining the shape preferred by many cyclists for hand positioning on technical terrain.

The new lever design makes it easier to access the gear and brake controls, with a textured surface that improves grip, even with thick gloves or in muddy conditions.

The 12-speed GRX Di2 group also stands out for the new shape of the brake lever, more squared and pronounced, which improves reactivity and safety.

Braking performance has been further improved thanks to updated calipers, offering better modulation and greater stopping power.

Despite the many improvements, the GRX Di2 12-speed groupset has some areas for improvement.

For example, it lacks an option for a 1X setup, which is popular with gravel and cyclocross riders for its simplicity and convenience.

Furthermore, a version with integrated power meter was not introduced, a feature that many cyclists would have appreciated.

Finally, the price is high and not affordable for everyone.