The 2024 Contessa Signature Series Collection here all the infos



Contessa Signature is SCOTT's premium collection of bikes, apparel, and equipment specifically imagined and designed for women who are looking for performance.

For its fourth year, the Contessa Signature Series returns with unique colorways and the desire to push every woman to go out there and ride. With its impressive lineup of new bikes, including the all-new, lightweight Contessa Voltage eRIDE and the all-new Contessa Ransom, the Contessa Signature Series collection has been created to highlight the depth of SCOTT's range of products for female riders.

The 2024 Contessa Signature Collection: Seamless Fusion of Art and Functionality

Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of terrazzo art, each bike in the 2024 Contessa Signature Collection boasts a mesmerizing terrazzo-inspired pattern. Set against a backdrop of raw carbon matte, this artistic motif comes to life with vibrant splashes of electric turquoise and lavender purple, evoking a sense of energy and innovation.

Complementing this captivating design is a striking color split of light grey gloss finish, reminiscent of refined elegance and sophistication. This sleek finish adds a touch of class to the bikes, elevating their visual appeal while ensuring they stand out on any terrain.

But that's not all. We've taken it up a notch by adding a subtle yet impactful detail—a decal band adorning the top tube, featuring a mesmerizing fade of electric turquoise and lavender purple. It's the perfect pop of color, adding an extra dimension to your ride while effortlessly capturing attention wherever you go.

Just like in our previous collections, each bike in the Contessa Signature Collection is meticulously crafted to perfection. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, ensuring that every ride is not only a visual feast but also a testament to the seamless integration of form and function.

Contessa Ransom

Introducing the all-new SCOTT Ransom. Our latest version of Ransom was uncompromisingly engineered for maximum downhill performance and an all-time confidence inspiring ride. Killer geometry paired with a supernatural suspension kinematic result in a bike that doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Don’t hold yourself hostage, ride Ransom.

Contessa Voltage eRIDE

Imagine giving the world's best trail bike a secret weapon. With the Contessa Voltage eRIDE, that's just what we did. Designed for existing MTB enthusiasts who crave an agile, lightweight and capable trail bike with the addition of a compact and quiet motor, the all-new Contessa Voltage eRIDE overdelivers trail after trail... after trail.

Contessa Signature Collection: Apparel & equipment

Made for the trails, the mountain bike elements of this capsule offer everything you need in terms of protection, comfort and performance!

Photo Credits: Matteo Challe