Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review all you need to know (really)


Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review Build quality

The Scott Addict RC is nothing new, but it remains one of the lightest racing bikes on the market and with excellent overall performance.

It's not a cheap bike, but it's good value for money.

The only flaw is the reduced choice of colors and the impossibility of customizing the bike.

However, the price is competitive, so some waivers are acceptable.

The frame is well made and the bike well assembled, in line with its list price.


Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review Frame

The frame is one of the best on the market and focuses on aerodynamic stiffness weight ratio.

He was among the first to adopt the concept of a light bike, but stiff and aerodynamic, because you don't always go on climbs at 20% ...

Good size availability and general quality.

As mentioned, he remains anonymous, in a group of cyclists it is hard to distinguish him.

For many it is good for others not, but it is a very rational frame, mind the point, the substance.

A nice product, nothing to say.

 Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review Assemblies

The Scott Addict RC Pro version is assembled with the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset, but there is no shortage of other cheaper or more expensive configurations.

Overall, the range is wide and everyone can find the bike that best suits their economic abilities.

In each model the value for money is good.

As always, between the entry level model and the top range there is only the name in common ...

However, a wide and quality range.


Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review Comfort

Good, it is one of the most comfortable high-end racing bikes.

It is clearly not an endurance bike, but among racing bikes it has a very high comfort value.

Excellent on well-paved roads, it is good on damaged roads and only really suffers on very damaged stretches of asphalt.

Impossible to ask for more from a frame with this performance.


 Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review Guide

A very manageable, reactive racing bike, quick to follow the orders given.

A real lightning bolt, precise and fast, in the long descents full of curves.

Not particularly sensitive to cross winds.

Good stability on the fast.

Excellent braking.

Easy to control the bike in the damaged asphalt sections and at high speeds.

There are more stable and safer frames, but they are less manageable and responsive.

Overall, for a bike destined for competitions, driving is easy, safe, but above all very competitive.


Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review Performance

Excellent, absolutely competitive on any course.

He has no real weakness, he is strong everywhere and with the proper training he is a serious opponent even in the hardest climbs.

Excellent performance in the plains, equally valid in the hills and good uphill, excellent downhill.

A true 360 degree competitive racing bike.

The price-performance ratio.


 Scott Addict RC Pro 2024 road test ride review Pros and cons

The Scott Addict RC Pro proves to be an excellent racing bike, it is no longer a novelty, but it remains a competitive racing bike, with a very high quality / price ratio.

Its strong point is that it has no weaknesses, it works everywhere.

Build quality is also good.

The only flaw is that it remains an anonymous bike, it doesn't even look like a top range ...