2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test ride review all you need to know

2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test review Build quality

The 2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road has a high cost, but a high build quality, and ultimately has a price even lower than other competitors, compared to which it is made just as well.

The good availability of assemblies should be noted.

The overall build quality is therefore good.

It's not a bargain, but the value for money is better than other competitors.

The entry level has a relatively high price, but already has a very good overall quality.

2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test review Frame

The frame is completely new, new geometries, new internal cable routing, new motor and integrated battery.

An excellent product and at the top of the market.

The complete bike, in its lightest (and most expensive ..) version, weighs about 12.5kg.

The 2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road have a weighs about 13Kg.

Good availability of sizes.

In fact, there is no possibility of customizing the bicycle.

There are no notes to make.

2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test review versions

The range of assemblies is relatively complete, even if we start from an already economically demanding entry level, around 6 thousand euros.

The build and assembly quality, in each version, is valid.

It is not a cheap ebike but of good quality and excellent performance.

Our opinion is that these light ebikes have a reduced real autonomy and pedaling an electric bicycle without the aid of the engine is never pleasant.

2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test review Comfort

Ride comfort is not the absolute top, there are no real shock absorbing systems, but overall it is valid.

There are more comfortable road ebikes, but still heavier.

Overall ride comfort is therefore more than valid and in line with the best competitors with a rigid frame and no shock absorbing system.

A great result.

2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test review drive

The 2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road follows the driving dynamics of the gravel version, with excellent overall performance.

An e-road bike that is very easy and safe to ride.

Intuitive, always stable, it never engages in driving.

Easy to handle, it is very safe at high speeds and downhill.

Excellent braking.

Overall it is one of the easiest and most intuitive road ebikes to ride.

Only the more experienced would have wanted better handling in the narrowest sections, but then the ebike would have become more difficult to control and ride.

2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test review Performance

The weight is relatively low, but certainly without the help of the electric motor you really don't go much further.

However the chassis and the work of the engine lead to excellent overall performance.

However, you don't need to get carried away.

With the maximum assistance of the engine, the real range is around 50km, while with a certain foresight and the auxiliary battery, it will be possible to reach 100km of range.

It all depends on how much the engine is used, in fact by using it a little uphill, not at all downhill and very little on the plain, then you can even reach 150km, but we are at a really difficult value to reach.

To note the silence of the engine, but also the fact that without a minimum of thrust from the electric motor there is the classic rolling resistance of the crank which in the long run annoys, as well as tiring.

In other words, without the electric motor, it's hard and not much road.

Fault common to all ebikes.

For the rest, the performances are at the top of the category, an excellent climbing ebike, light and fast.

Very fast downhill and valid on the flat.

It's an electric bicycle, at least in the top-of-the-range version, very competitive and high performance.

The only flaw that emerged is the autonomy that is reduced for us, in line with the other competitors.

2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 Scott Solace eRide 20 Road is confirmed as an excellent electric racing bicycle.

There isn't a real flaw, the ebike is really excellent from every point of view.

The real flaws may still be the high prices and the reduced autonomy.

Defects however common to all its competitors.

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NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested