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2024 Scott Ransom 900 RC 2024 test review pros defects opinions everything you need to know

2024 Scott Ramson 900 RC test review Build quality

The Scott Ramson 900 RC 2024 has excellent construction quality and ultimately has a lower price than other competitors, compared to which it is equally well made, even if the price is high in absolute terms.

Worth noting is the wide availability of assemblies.

The overall build quality is therefore good.

The availability of sizes is also good.

Only the color range is limited.

2024 Scott Ramson 900 RC test review Frame

The new frame has been completely revised, has excellent build quality.

There are no notes to make, the availability of sizes is also excellent.

Like other products with high travel, it is a frame mainly intended for downhill riding, with a relatively high weight, but in line with its competitors.

The Scott Ramson 900 RC 2024 version has a weight of 15kg and a price of around 10,000 euro.

2024 Scott Ramson 900 RC test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is very complete, with prices for every "pocket".

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is high, but clearly between top range and entry level there is a gulf in terms of performance, but also price.

The Scott Ramson 900 RC 2024 version is top in every way and there is nothing to complain about.

2024 Scott Ramson 900 RC test review Comfort

Very good, one of the best full mtbs in this respect.

On the other hand, it is impossible to do more.

In this respect one of the best MTBs ever.

2024 Scott Ramson 900 RC 2024 test review Guide

The Scott Ramson 900 RC 2024 is a mountain bike that prefers downhill riding, but it is still a mountain bike that is pleasant to ride.

A bike that is easy to handle, but not difficult to ride.

In the pedaled sections it is easy to ride, it remains intuitive and safe, never demanding, but you can feel the overall weight.

Uphill, the good work of the rear suspension emerges, which allows good traction, even if the overall weight inevitably limits performance.

However, the traction offered by the rear wheel is excellent.

Downhill it is an excellent mountain bike, easy to handle, fast, safe, it is his favorite terrain where it highlights top performance, it is difficult to wish for anything better.

It never puts you in difficulty, despite being very fast.

Even at high speeds it is always safe and easy to drive.

Obviously, to obtain high performance downhill you always need experience and driving ability.

Excellent braking and excellent suspension.

2024 Scott Ramson 900 RC test review Performance

The competitive weight, the excellent chassis, the geometries and the suspensions lead to very competitive overall performance on any type of route.

A mountain bike that defends itself well uphill and expresses high potential downhill.

It doesn't have a real weak point, it's still a high performance mountain bike, but it gives its best on the downhill, in the rest it defends itself, well, but it defends itself.

On harder climbs you can feel the weight, but only in comparison with MTBs with less travel.

A high performance mountain bike, perfect for those who go fast downhill.

2024 Scott Ramson 900 RC test review Pros and cons

The Scott Ramson 900 RC 2024 is an excellent mtb with a well-tuned and competitive frame.

Its flaw is not the build quality or performance, but the fact that it is only really competitive downhill.

Not a multi-purpose mountain bike, but top-notch for downhill riding.

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NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested

Scott Ramson 2024 version weight prices:
2024 Scott Ransom 900 RC 10000 euros 15.2kg
2024 Scott Ransom 910 8000 euros 15.7kg
2024 Scott Ransom 920 6000 euros 16.4kg
2024 Scott Ransom 930 5200 euros 16.7kg