eMTB Rotwild RE 735 2023 price data sheet everything you need to know


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The ROTWILD R.E735 expands the newly established "735 family" with the matching Enduro variant: very potent equipped for demanding downhill passages, with comfort and performance for any transfer and uphill as well. "Where there's an X at ROTWILD, there can't be an E far away," emphasizes Managing Director Peter Schlitt with a wink and a glance at the R.X735, the first representative of the still young model series. "Our philosophy is to offer the ambitious and sporty rider the bike with which he or she can fulfil their own sporty dreams. With the R.E735, we are now launching an eMTB that combines the spirit of aggressively mastering a trail with the appeal of extended adventure." This is made possible by the combination of typical Enduro geometry, corresponding chassis and powerful Integrated Power Unit (IPU). "With the Enduro and the All Mountain, we now cover an extensive range of possible uses," says Peter Schlitt.
Typical Enduro elements in the R.E735

The new bike is characterised by its very high agility and at the same time very smooth running. "We thought of the R.E735 in two directions," emphasises designer Lutz Scheffer. "On the one hand, it offers you power and comfort for the long haul. That's the touring aspect. On the other hand, it allows you to turn into the unknown. And when the track characteristics become demanding and rough, the bike does what it’s supposed to do. 100% Enduro." The progressive chassis is decisive for this. The R.E735 uses the Mullet concept. With the 29" wheel at the front, the rider takes rocks, roots, blocked passages without hesitation and keeps control. The 27.5" rear wheel saves weight. They allow the bike to be playful and offer the rider the necessary grip. The reduced installation space allows ROTWILD to use a shorter chain stay in the rear triangle. It is 440 mm long. All in all, this means: a lot of safety and comfort at the front - the necessary agility at the rear. The linkage ensures the seamless transfer of power to the rear shock. The characteristic shock linkage known from the R.X735 consists of a combination of carbon in high-modulus fibre and a weight-optimised aluminium yoke. A Fox 36 suspension fork with 170 mm travel operates in the front. The flat steering angle of 64.5° provides safety at high speeds through traction and control. The interplay of reach and wheelbase ensures a central and easy-to-shift centre of gravity, counteracting oversteer and understeer. The steeper seat tube angle in relation to the shorter top tube provides a highly effective riding position to pedal uphill to the next trail.
Powerful symbiosis in the IPU735

The R.E735 draws energy from its central heart, the IPU735. It consists of the battery developed by ROTWILD itself and the Shimano EP801 motor. "If you want to discover, if you are looking for an adventure, you have to keep a cool head. Range anxiety only hinders that. That's why we equipped the R.E735 with enough power reserves to be able to leave the familiar paths as long and often as possible," says Peter Schlitt. The battery has an effective capacity of 720 Wh. It is installed in a carbon housing and fits harmoniously into the down tube. It weighs a light 3.5 kg. The arrangement with the angled removal to the side ensures high rigidity of the frame. With the help of the ROTWILD Quick Release, the battery can be easily removed with the push of a button. It could be charged - regardless of location - inside the bike or completely externally. This principle has already proven itself in the models of the 375 series - the R.X375, the R.E375 and the R.G375 - and is also used in the R.X735. The EP801 motor from Shimano contributes up to 85 Nm of torque. The rider can use three support levels during the ride and choose between two riding profiles on the display. The Shimano E-Tube APP also allows fine-tuning of 15 different riding settings for a very personal motor experience. By expanding the cadence spectrum, the motor now responds even more sensitively to the rider's individual effort. The use of a CAN interface in the motor control also makes it easier to integrate future components.
Classic ROTWILD features

The frame of the R.E735 is made entirely of carbon in high-modulus fibre. The development of the special lay-up and the final production is done in close coordination between ROTWILD engineering and the manufacturer of the frame. The entire design and the use of corresponding add-on parts underline the weight-optimised approach of the R.E735. In size L and the Ultra equipment version, the Enduro weighs 21.6 kilos. The Core version in the same L size weighs an equally competitive 22.1 kg. The R.E735 is thus in the same weight class as the All Mountain bikes in the product family. ROTWILD also equips the bike ex factory with aggressive Enduro tyres with 29x2.4" at the front and wider 2.6" tyres from Schwalbe.

The R.E735 is available in Core (8,999 EUR) and Ultra (11,499 EUR) versions and four frame sizes (S, M, L and XL).