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The Falcn RS is the perfect bike for cyclists looking for a light bike for climbing, aerodynamic and stiff for sprinting and longer rides. With a lightweight frame with aerodynamic features and the ability to fit wider tires, this is a fast, high-performance road bike that will exceed your expectations. The Falcn RS is ready for all types of racing: whatever ride is on the UCI calendar, the Falcn RS can handle it. From the Ronde van Vlaanderen to Paris-Roubaix, to a stage of a Grand Tour to the Strade Bianche, you can tackle any race with the new Ridley Falcn RS.

The focus, in the racing bike market, has usually always been on stiffness and weight, but recently it has shifted to the balance between aerodynamics and weight. Ridley set out to combine the best of both worlds with the Falcn RS, meaning it was made as aerodynamic as possible without sacrificing the weight of the bike. The Falcn RS has a similar aero performance to the previous Noah Fast Disc aero bike and a comparable weight to the more climbing Helium SLX Disc, meaning riders no longer have to choose between lightness and aerodynamics.

The Falcn RS frame and fork weigh 110 grams more than the Ridley Helium SLX, yet offer superior aerodynamic gains. This means that despite its slightly higher weight, the Falcn RS model is faster than the Helium SLX thanks to its aerodynamic characteristics.

Even when riding uphill, you have to overcome wind resistance, even if you do it at low speed. The weight savings that a Ridley Helium SLX provides do not outweigh the aerodynamic gains of the new Falcn RS.

Our in-house aerodynamicist carried out extensive research using CFD analysis and extensive wind tunnel testing to optimize the aerodynamics of the Falcn RS. The frontal area of the Falcn RS is focused on aerodynamics, while the overall design of the frame is developed to be as light as possible, also taking aerodynamics into consideration. The Falcn RS has an aerodynamic tube profile and where possible no sharp edges in the frame, keeping tube integration as simple as possible. Also, the head tube is deeper to make the Falcn RS more aerodynamic. Each cross section of the frame is optimized for aerodynamics with carefully chosen aerofoils.

The shape of the head tube is also tuned to improve the bike's stability in crosswinds. In addition, Ridley has developed a fork crown that includes a diffuser. This induces airflow before the frame's downtube, making it easier for airflow to pass over the downtube and build pressure behind the head tube. With this responsive fork technology the new Ridley Falcn RS results in a bike that has ten percent less drag at fifty kilometers per hour than the stock fork. The rear of the bike is made as light as possible thanks to changes made to the seat post.

The fork allows you to mount tires up to 34 mm.


The Falcn RS can be equipped with a 1x or 2x transmission. Ridley offers electronic drivetrain options for the Falcn RS only, with Shimano Ultegra Di2, Shimano 105 Di2 and Sram Force AXS available as standard options. Further options, such as Sram Rival AXS, SRAM Red AXS and Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, are available in the online configurator. Six sizes available.


The Ridley Falcn RS is built for speed and agility, and the lightweight frame plays a crucial role in achieving that goal. Weighing just 825 grams in the size medium, the frame is designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing aerodynamics. This is possible thanks to the use of thin tube profiles and a carbon arrangement that favors weight reduction. The head tube length of the Falcn RS is slightly shorter than that of the Noah Fast and Helium, allowing for a more aggressive riding position. This is especially beneficial for runners who prioritize speed and agility. The bottom bracket is also slightly lower than the Noah Fast and Helium, as it has been tuned to accommodate larger volume tires without raising the center of gravity. This provides the rider with excellent control, especially on uneven terrain. The Falcn RS is available in six sizes, from XXS to XL, ensuring a perfect fit for every rider. The geometry of each size has been carefully designed to maintain the same performance characteristics throughout the range.

Overall, the geometry of the Ridley Falcn RS is a testament to Ridley's commitment in pushing the boundaries of bike design and innovation, resulting in a bike that performs perfectly in all conditions, making the rider comfortable to take on any challenge.

As an all-around high-performance road bike, the Ridley Falcn RS offers an exceptional ride feel. Developed and tested with 28mm tires, it can support tires up to 34mm. The Falcn RS's wider tire options ensure that racers can tackle rough roads with ease, without sacrificing speed or great performance. This means that the Falcn RS can handle any road surface.

Living in the beating heart of cycling and familiar with the roads of the Spring Classics, Ridley knows that comfort is an important aspect when riding on broken asphalt and cobblestones. Wider tires allow riders to maintain high speeds and stay in control of the bike at all times. The geometry of the Falcn RS is a combination of the Ridley Helium climb bike and the Noah Fast aero road bike, which has proven itself at the top level for years. This geometry accommodates the perfect balance of stability and responsiveness, finding the maximum result in a highly responsive and responsive road bike that is the perfect choice for racing.

Whether you're sprinting up a climb or tackling a fast descent, the Falcn RS offers a smooth and thrilling ride that will satisfy even the most demanding racers. The wider tire options, combined with its proven geometry, allow for a stable and responsive ride that can handle any road with ease.

Cyclists have seen an increasing trend in the use of wider tires on road bikes in recent years. The Falcn RS is built on 28mm tires and can fit tires up to a maximum of 34mm, offering greater tire clearance than the standard maximum of 28mm found on most current road bikes. This allows for greater comfort and less pedaling resistance, as wider tires can be run at lower pressures. With its increased tire clearance, the Falcn RS offers superior performance on paved roads and beyond. The Falcn RS also excels on broken asphalt roads and cobbled sections. It is the perfect companion to face new challenges and perform at the highest level in road racing.

Ridley uses F-steerer technology for the Falcn RS, making all cables invisible by hiding them in the frame through the handlebars. This technology is used for its aerodynamic advantage. It also avoids potential damage to the frame caused by cable rub and prevents cables from catching in the event of a fall. The Falcn RS features an integrated cockpit for the Forza Cirrus Pro road. This cockpit has a reach of 75 mm and a camber of 130 mm in combination with an extra camber of 5°. Allows the rider to assume an aerodynamic position and have full control of the vehicle. This cockpit is available in four different handlebar/width sizes: 90/380, 100/400, 110/400 and 120/420.

The Falcn RS features three mounting points on the down tube and two on the seat tube. These mounting points allow for the optimal position of the bottle cages, allowing racers to use the most aero position for their bottles.

The Falcn RS is equipped with a Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH). While UDH is very common on mountain bikes, it has seen only limited acceptance in the road bike market. With current groupsets, there's no technical reason not to use UDH on road bikes. Ridley chooses to use this support interface and bring all the advantages that are already very common for mountain bikers on the road bike market.

The Falcn RS features a detachable clamp-on front derailleur mount. This means that riders who choose a super aero 1x setup will get the cleanest look possible by using the custom cover that replaces the mount.

The Falcn RS is fully customizable with Ridley's online configurator. The configurator can be used to build your dream bike. Completely customize the Falcn RS to your liking: choose the colors and design you prefer and choose the groupset, components, wheels, tyres, saddle and accessories. The Falcn RS is available both as a complete bike and as a frame and fork.

In essence, the Falcn RS is the new all-around performance road bike that offers a perfect balance of lightweight and aerodynamic design. It's the ideal bike for racers who demand the best out of themselves and their equipment thanks to its lightweight frame, aerodynamic features, sporty geometry and handling responsive. Cobblestones, steep climbs and fast races – this bike can handle them all.

These are the assemblies and prices:

Falcn RS SRAM FORCE AXS 9399 euros

Falcn RS SHIMANO ULTEGRA DI2 9399 euros

Falcn RS SHIMANO 105 DI2 7399 euros