NEW RIDLEY GRIFN RS E-GRIFN AND GRIFN A 2025 bikes all the info you need to know


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The bike you have in your garage and with which you can go anywhere, this is in a nutshell what the Grifn, winner of the 'Design & Innovation' Awards, represents. The Grifn RS is the high-end carbon version of the Grifn series. Ridley is aimed at the most competitive cyclists. To this end, he can count on the support of the athletes of the Classified Ridley Gravel Team, who participate in the highest level gravel races. The bicycle becomes lighter and faster, responding even better to the cyclist's impulses. In this way, your true potential is fully revealed.

The lighter weight is the result of an optimized carbon structure and the use of lighter, stiffer carbon fibers. This translates into an improvement of 140 grams over the Grifn.

Furthermore, there are some aerodynamic optimizations that make the bike faster.

It can be seen in the frame, where the aerodynamic shape of the seat tube stands out, so that the rear wheel fits perfectly to the frame. This tube is paired with an aerodynamic D-shaped seat post. In the front fork, the developers have used a diffuser integrated into the fork crown to reduce wind resistance.

Airflow passes more easily through this fork crown and additional energy is added to pass the air without additional resistance through the lower tube. There is also less resistance in the area behind the head tube and fork. At 36 kilometers per hour, the Grifn RS has 5% less drag than the Grifn.

The geometry of the current Grifn remains unchanged because there has been a lot of positive feedback received on the matter. Athletes from the Ridley Classified Gravel team were also consulted, giving positive feedback on this gravel bike. The same geometry therefore features a steering angle of 72 degrees, which is between the 73.5 of a high-performance road bike and the 71.5 of a gravel bike (like the Kanzo Fast). The bottom bracket is lower than a traditional performance road bike and slightly higher than a gravel bike. The 420 mm shorter rear triangle also contributes to the responsiveness of the bicycle during acceleration.


A road race today, a gravel event tomorrow? You can completely adapt your setup to your pedaling preferences. With the Grifn RS, you can do it all: on or off-road, with or without bags, with 32-millimeter road tires or with 42-millimeter (effective width) gravel tires. Ridley goes one step further than Grifn. 42 millimeters is usually enough to tackle a variety of off-road challenges.

As with the Grifn, the Grifn RS also offers the possibility of installing the rear light cable through the top tube. This internal wiring for the dynamo hub is also hidden in the fork, so you no longer have to worry about duct tape and zip ties to solve the problem of protruding wires. This way, you can install lights on your bike, which is a very useful addition when you want to ride in the dark. The CeramicSpeed SLT bearings for the steering movement are also an interesting novelty. Thanks to their construction, they have a very long life.

The engineers also worked on the front derailleur support. While the Grifn has a separate mount, this is integrated into the Grifn RS and is easy to remove with a single drive system. Optionally, the front derailleur mount can be replaced by an aerodynamic chain guide developed together with Wolf Tooth. The Wolf Tooth Lone Wolf aerodynamic chain guide was developed specifically for Ridley and is also compatible with the Falcn RS, X-Night RS and E-Grifn. The chain guide is available in three versions for chainrings from 40 to 58 teeth. Thanks to a special chain cover, you can hide the mounting point when you are not mounting a front derailleur or chain guide.

At the rear, as in the Grifn and Falcn RS, you will find a UDH gearbox mount. The gearbox can be either mechanical (1x transmission system) or electronic (1x or 2x transmission system), just like in the other two new models.

Through the configurator, you can further customize the bike, with options including different wheels, handlebars, tires and other specifications. You can choose between a straight and a curved handlebar, which gives you the option to choose between 8 different handlebar sizes. The frame has various mounting points that allow the installation of, for example, bags and mudguards. Ridley optionally offers suitable mudguards.

A new generation of bicycle bags has been developed together with Apidura.

These are the evolution of the t prototypes

The frame features mounting points for a frame bag that can be installed inside the front triangle.

In a 1x drivetrain from SRAM, Ridley opts for a setup with a 42 or 46 tooth front chainring and a 10/44 cassette. This allows you to adjust the change interval based on the terrain. Additionally, we offer the Grifn RS as standard with the Classified Powershift shifting system, which offers all the benefits of a single chainring combined with a wider shifting range and ultra-fast shifts, even under full load. Annabel Fisher of the Classified Ridley team has been using this setup all season and chose the Grifn RS precisely because of the combination of its light weight, riding characteristics and aerodynamics.

The Grifn RS is designed for all types of terrain and for everyone too. We offer the bike in six sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL. You can completely customize the Grifn RS of your dreams according to your preferences via our configurator. This way, you can ride a unique bike in your favorite color and with the mounting of your choice.


Like the Grifn RS and Grifn, the aluminum Grifn A combines the speed of a racing bike with the comfort of a gravel bike. Ridley opts to launch an aluminum Grifn because it wants to offer a bicycle suitable for every price range.

With the Grifn A, you can choose tires up to 38 millimeters and, if you opt for a 1x drivetrain, you can even go up to 40 millimeters. The geometry and dimensions are identical to those of the carbon model. This means you can enjoy the versatility of the bike on all types of terrain.

The layout of the terminals in the Grifn A is identical to that of the Grifn. The Grifn A also has the universal UDH hook. This hook is compatible with all gear systems and is increasingly becoming the standard. However, it is rare for an aluminum bicycle to use this hanger, despite all the advantages it offers.

The semi-integrated cable harness ensures a tidy and nice-looking handlebar.

There are no cables between the handlebars and the frame. An added benefit is that you can easily mount handlebar bags and other accessories without cables interfering with the accessories. The same integrated wiring for the lighting of the Grifn and Grifn RS is also found in the Grifn A. This level of integration is rarely present in bicycles with aluminum frames.

For the Grifn A, Ridley chooses a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy because this alloy performs very well in terms of stiffness, metal strength, weight and welding precision. It is notable that each tube has a central wall thickness that is three times thinner than the ends. This “triple taper” technique is also used by Ridley in other aluminum frames. This way, the weight is kept as low as possible and the stiffness as high as possible. Ridley welds each tube extra strong and cleans them carefully, making the Grifn A a modern aluminum bike in every sense. For the fork, a carbon fork with carbon steerer tube is used, an added advantage compared to many bikes in this segment. The carbon head tube offers more precise steering, significant weight savings and greater comfort thanks to shock absorption.

Like the Grifn RS, Ridley offers the Grifn A in six different sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL.

The Grifn A is available in road and gravel specs, and we optionally offer mudguards and handlebar bags from Apidura. The bike is available via the configurator, which allows you to build and design the bike according to your preferences.


With the E-Grifn, Ridley also presents its first sports e-bike. Discover new terrain, go further, for longer and higher with this electric bike. Ridley chooses to exploit the Grifn platform on the electric bicycle market for its versatility.


What sets this e-bike apart is the choice of Mahle X20 engine. This is a compact, proven system that makes the impossible possible. Weighing just 3.2 kilograms, it is possible to build a lightweight e-bike. The pedaling sensation of the bicycle is very natural. The level of assistance is proportionate to the force you apply on the pedals. This is possible thanks to the use of a torque sensor on the pedal axis that communicates with the software. Keep in mind: If you are not pedaling, the system does not provide power. The E-Grifn remains a bicycle and not a motorbike.


hyena. In this way, pedaling always gives you the impression of doing a sporting activity.

An advantage of the X20 engine is that, above the 25km/h limit, there is virtually no additional mechanical resistance. The power delivered by the system gradually decreases, making the driving experience very smooth. This also contributes to a natural pedaling feel.

Through the Mahle application, you can control and adjust the motor with your mobile phone according to your preferences. Afterwards, you can consult information about your ride. While cycling, you can view various information through your system. The system is ANT+ compatible, which means that information such as battery status, assistance level and power is also available for other ANT+ compatible devices. Furthermore, the system is self-learning and adapts to the RIDLEY | GRIFN RS - GRIFN A - E-GRIFN your pedaling style. In this way, riding an electric bicycle becomes a comfortable experience.

With the Mahle X20, you have three levels of cycling assistance that our developers have adjusted specifically for the Grifn together with Mahle. It was our express desire to determine these levels ourselves and not to opt for standards. To this end, several tests were carried out with all types of cyclists. Through “trial and error,” we kept searching until we found the three ideal levels. This “personalized mapping” is a typical example of our endless pursuit of perfection. You can switch between different assistance levels via the buttons on the handlebars or via the controller on the top tube. The latter also visually shows the battery capacity and assistance level.

The Mahle In the highest assistance level, this helps you overcome the most challenging climbs.

Ridley chose the highest capacity battery (350Wh) in the E-Grifn, and there's the option to extend that further with a 171Wh range extender that takes the place of a water bottle. According to Mahle's usage data, the engineers know that the 350 Wh battery is sufficient for most cycling routes in this all-road segment. In 2 hours, you charge the battery to 80%, and in 3.5 hours it is fully charged. The battery is elegantly integrated into the frame, resulting in a sporty look of the bicycle with the additional support of an electric bicycle.

The geometry of the E-Grifn is the same as that of the other Grifns. There are also many similarities to the Grifn RS in other features such as the removable front derailleur, tire clearance up to 42 millimeters and the UDH hanger. A small difference is the absence of fixing points on the top tube, due to the presence of the display/controller for the Mahle system. Of course, you can install fenders and lighting on this E-Grifn. The transmission can be either electronic or mechanical, we offer specifications for both road and gravel. Finally, the E-Grifn is also configurable online. This way, you can ride a unique bike in your favorite color and equipment.


The Grifn range will be expanded in the future with 2 additional sizes: XXXS and XXS. The XXXS is

designed for 650b wheels, the XXS for traditional 700c wheels.


Ridley is proud of the expansion of the Grifn range. With the introduction of the Grifn RS, the Grifn A, additional sizes for the Grifn and the E-Grifn, any type of cyclist can now enjoy all-road riding at their leisure, regardless of the surface.

Every cyclist has their own challenges and dreams, and every pedal stroke counts. Ridley wants to support as many cyclists as possible in achieving these goals. The three newcomers will also find their place in the world peloton.