Good morning,
I am writing this mail because I am unsure about which high-profile wheels for clincher buy.

At this time I own a pair of tubular wheels, but I wanted to change it because the tire is more
practical and much cheaper for drilling.
I do circuit races, but I also like to do nice long rides and in the Po valley hills and mountains where the weight does not plays a role of first order.

The wheels viewed by me so far are:

Fulcrum Red Wind XLR Cult
Mavic Cosmic SLR
DT Swiss RRC46 Dicut H
MarchisioT800 Super50

I think excellent wheels, as the weight on the same level, but which of these can be defined
better in terms of smoothness-rigidity and dynamic behavior?
Signed letter

For aerodynamics and stiffness my preference goes to the Mavic Cosmic SLR, which also have a very powerful braking. Follow the DT Swiss, which run even better than the Mavic and are less affected by side wind, but maybe are just less stringent than the Mavic. The Fulcrum Red Wind XLR are very smooth, but they are less reactive than the Mavic. Whereas racers on the track, but also out on the plain, I believe that the best wheel in your proper use is the Mavic, followed by DT Swiss, I would stop to these two choices.