Hello Luca, I kindly ask you your mere personal opinion on carbon wheels  40-50 mm high profile for tubular ... In your opinion what is the best price-performance ratio for wheel-quality?

I would like to buy a set of these wheels but the view is so vast that an expert advice help resolve many doubts ... I visited the websites as diverse as Miche, Campagnolo, Zipp, Lightweight, Mavic ... help me!

Thanks as always for your courtesy and professionalism


Signed letter


Indeed the view of wheels is very large and easy to miss, because they all claim that their wheel is the best, list a series of wheels, not all of which I have tested and I can draw a clear opinion, no doubt:

Lightweight: very good wheels, nothing to say, but they have a cost actually excessive and not justified, in the end in terms of smoothness are not the best, maybe save for the weight, but they are certainly not reliable and long-lived as other competitors. A wheel to say I have to buy the more expensive wheel.

FFWW: other wheels which barely understand even the slightest success, a wheel assembled by a skilled artisan is better and costs less.

Aeston: valid wheel, flow well and are in good prices, however, are not the best of the best, so wheels to buy if you can not spend more, and if they are at great prices. Some doubts about the longevity of the bearings.

Miche Supertype: wheels are valid, exceeded expectations, no lightweight, but reliable, sliding the right, stiff. By far not the best of the best, but if you find at great prices can be a good choice when you have budget limits.

Zipp: are not cheap but they are equipped with excellent aerodynamics and lateral rigidity over there for a good braking, not the absolute top for smoothness, but they are among the best wheels on the market.

Corima: for the dynamic behaviour are very similar to Zipp, Corima flow a bit better, but just have a worse aerodynamics, similar lateral stiffness at the end of the performance are similar and the difference is the choice of the price or if you need a very aerodynamic wheel.

Mavic: very reliable and lightweight wheels, with a valid aerodynamic and good braking. They have great lateral stiffness and good smoothness. For me, good wheels, among the best ever, then depends on the profile that you need and the budget you have.

DT Swiss: among the best ever for build quality, excellent aerodynamics and rolling resistance; perfect braking. Among the best wheels on the market today.

Campagnolo: the Bora Ultra Two wheels are absolutely the smoothest on the market today, have a good aerodynamics and are lightweight; discrete braking and good lateral rigidity.

Fulcrum: The Racing Light XLR are in fact a copy of the Bora, but with different hubs, remain unaltered the qualities of smoothness, reliability and lateral stiffness.

Then there are so many other brands, sometimes they also have good products, but I would choose between these and in particular between:

Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two

Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR

DT Swiss Dicut

Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate

Good search for the best price.