Dear Editor,

                               I would like to receive clarification on the use of anti-drilling liquid. Using mtb must have the wheels tubeless or I can use it even with the inner tube?  Can I also use the liquid on the road bike? Finally, it is preferable to use the liquid before, and thus lead to an increase in weight of the wheels, or expects to drill and then the liquid is used to restart?

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Dear Reader, the anti-drilling liquid can be used both in advance and after the drilling. In certain situations, such as in tube-no-tube tires, it should be used in advance, just to make the tubeless tire. Can also be used in inner tubes. The difference between preventive and subsequent use is in increased safety in the use quote that has, in fact it is almost completely avoided the danger of drilling, less than large cuts. Most of the time the closure of the hole is immediate and you do not even notice the inconvenience. In other cases, with larger holes, little liquid inside or reduced quality, there is a certain liquid out and a certain reduction of the pressure, but in a short time the hole fails to close. In these latter cases it is necessary to control the pressure of the tire. In general it is preferable to use the anti-drilling liquid before so as to have greater efficacy and safety, even in the face of an increase in weight of the wheel.