Dear Editor, I have a Scott Addict with Ultegra Mavic Ksyrium Elite. The mechanic suggested me to switch to more advanced and lighter wheels. My doubt is whether to stay with an aluminum wheel with clincher or switch to a carbon fiber tubular.

I sought advice by experts and many advise against the tubular for convenience and cost, others say that the best guide is with the tubolar. If your suggestion was for the clincher, which wheel would you recommend? The salesman advised me Mavic Ksyrium SLR or R Sys SLR but also Fulcrum R0. For carbon I found the DT Swiss RC 38 Spline T, with affordable price and comparable to a good aluminum wheel.

Signed letter
No doubt lighter and sliding wheels improve the overall performance of the bike. The question of tubular costs is subjective. For the puncture with  tubular I never tire of saying that you MUST use the anti puncture liquid. The tubular is better than the clincher is safe; alternatively could switch to tubeless, which offers a good compromise between clincher and tubular, and more with the anti-puncture liquid ensures high safety. Between the wheels for clincher ttres can safely take among those selected, Mavic ksyrium SLR is equivalent to Fulcrum R0, while the R-SYS are even lighter because of the carbon spokes. For tubeless could turn to Fulcrum Racing Zero 2-Way Fit, so you can take traditional clincher or tubeless. For the tubular chose a wheel with good value for money. Now the choice is up to you. For pure performance the best in plain with DT Swiss, uphill with R-SYS. Overall choose between these two models for tubular / clincher or tubeless would pass to the excellent Fulcrum Racing Zero, with excellent reliability and versatility.




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