Egr. Dr. Salvatelli,

I always follow your discussions where there is always a logical response. For this reason I am writing to ask you two opinions. The first concerns the seat height but not how to compute but how to take it with the meter on the bike.

I've been in three centers of Biomechanics and after having taken the measures I have positioned the seat in three different ways. The first measured from the center and parallel to the centre, the second movement from the back seat where is 7.2 cm wide. end moving center and the third placing the meter under the  level above the saddle, taking action where it is wide 7.2 cm. at the centre of the movement. The result is that I find myself three different sizes ranging from cm. 70.9 to 71.4. The only one who gave me a response on the measuring system was the third, which says “Between hard-surface floor saddle there is a light due to the curvature of the saddle you need to download the perineal area. Ichiatic support is not in anatomical center point, which is the center of perineal exhaust, but farther back near the rear of the saddle lugs”. So who is right? The second question concerns the cleats and their location. Here methods and different positions. I would go into a Look Center where the position with the Keofit system. On their web-site show that settle digital pedals on the bike, then make you ride so that digital pedals take the coordinates of the feet. What do you think? Thank you for your reply.

Signed letter


Dear Reader, as repeatedly stated, every biomechanical centre uses its system, this should refer to the value of the height and how it was taken; eventually 5 mm (I'll be debunking) count towards the mastermind and not in reality; always remember with pleasure, at the cost of repetitive, when told by a great Pro mechanic when the continuous requests for changes of a great athlete, was limited to fumbling with the keys around the bike without changing anything and the athlete was always convinced of having made a further up grade of his position...

I can tell you that I find most truthfully measure the seat height from the support surface of the pedal, with the crank on the continuation of the vertical pipe, up to the top of the saddle itself, simply by following the line drawn by the seat tube and seat and crank; a measure that takes into account always the different pedals and different saddles. Even more accurate would be to measure the seat height from the inside of the shoe, so consider the different heights of various shoes.


From a theoretical point of view it is preferable to take the seat height, from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle, along the seat tube and seat post.


The Look Method is very valid and simply adjust the perfect angle of the cleats. Try it, you will be  satisfied.