Congratulations for your competence, I have a question: I am going to buy a frame kit MTb 29 Specialized S-Works, I'm asking a question to which I do not find an adequate answer and that is what wheels to buy for this bike?

The alternatives in the market are various and very different, my attention is focused on Mavic SLR, guarantee of efficiency and reliability, but at the cost of about 200 g. more than wheels assembled from various manufacturers of hubs as PMP, FRM or Carbon TI, fitted with lightweight wheels type ZTR Crest, very interesting weight! Then the performance is not said is indeed higher in view of the rigidity of the wheel 29 and the fact that I weigh about 72 kg dress! Then there would be the new Specialized Roval carbon, estimated weight of 1580, by slightly higher prices, but the real risk of damage in an off-road carbon rim worries me, even though I am very cautious so maybe it is not so prone to problems. Could you give me an authoritative advice?

Signed letter

In Mtb (but also on road bikes) you must always understand, prior to a purchase, if you focus on the absolute minimum weight, even at the expense of reliability and security, or choose a product, maybe heavier, but safer and reliable, among other things does not necessarily have lesser performance. In addition, you must also consider the lateral and vertical stiffness, two fundamental aspects in the performance and difficult to achieve, especially in 29-inch wheels, do not miss the quality of the hubs and bearings. Today make a light wheel is easy, also reliable and safe, a bit 'less ... As already you said Mavic Crossmax SLR 29er model have reduced weight, but also a lot of reliability, rigidity and excellent responsiveness. A good alternative are DT Swiss XR 1450 Spline, just lighter, equipped with good bearings and perhaps a less stringent than the Mavic up, always in the DT Swiss catalogue can recommend the DT Swiss XRC 950 model T29, for tubular and carbon rim performance and refinement technique a true work of art, unique in price, but also in performance, a wheel not for everyone, but for high performance. In the Fulcrum catalogue are excellent the Red Metal XRP 29er; slightly heavier than Mavic but whit benefits for rigidity and smoothness. Would leave apart special craft solutions, in which the reduced weight is acquired at the expense of the longevity of the product itself. Other valid wheels are Corima, but I'd stop by Mavic, DT Swiss and Fulcrum. For a "no-compromise" bike the best choice is without doubt the DT Swiss XRC 950 T29, expensive, delicate, but also with many other benefits. If you look for a lighter wheel would stay on DT Swiss XR 1450 Spline, if looking for maximum reliability would remain on Mavic, followed by Fulcrum (basically are of equal merit), which still offer top performance in its class.